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Canon EOS 40D Review

Dennis Hissink
CES report
Sunday 30th, December 2007
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

Let's be honest; the Canon EOS 40D is a D-SLR camera that is about the most complete a camera can be. It is a solid camera, with excellent auto focus, a silent shutter and mirror, a beautiful viewfinder and fine operation. On top of that Live View works perfectly, you can walk in the rain with the camera and it is an excellent tool with high quality functions. The image quality of the Canon EOS 40D leaves little or in fact nothing to wish for. High ISO pictures are still usable. You can shoot using ISO 800 or 1600 without a problem. There is some noise but not annoyingly visible, even less when you convert the pictures with Adobe. Using DPP, noise is visible which gives you a film-feeling from old-fashioned times.

Canon EOS 40D

Canon 40D RAW
The Canon 40D delivers considerably large files especially in RAW. This is not entirely because of the ten Megapixels but also because of the 14 bits. A RAW file generates a 12.4MB file size. That asks for large storage cards. Even more so if you want to shoot in JPEG and RAW at the same time. If you need the captured pictures only for the Web, you can decide to use sRAW. The file size will then be some 7.1MB. In practice it comes down to the fact that you need at least a 2GB card, when you work in RAW. If you are reporting and sent out on an assignment, you will have to get a 4 or 8GB memory card. And a holiday will require several cards unless you empty the one on your laptop or image tank. The table below shows how many pictures fit on a 1GB CF memory card.

Canon EOS Review
If there is any criticism at all it would be the camera itself. For example; I cannot disconnect auto focus and exposure the way I would like to, but this is something very personal as you already might have thought. The joystick however is a more general example. I can hardly get used to it. Its response is not good enough. Maybe I would also like to have an auto focus working on the sensor (Live View). And the monitor could improve with better colours and more pixels. No, not on the sensor for the sensor is perfect.

Canon EOS 40D

Canon EOS 40D Review
Besides that my personal wish-list has more on it: the metering rendered in the viewfinder would be nice and a GPS connection available without having to purchase an expensive WiFi module. These are all marginal issues though, that have not much to do with the excellent quality of the Canon EOS 40D. Continue to read the full Canon EOS 40D review at LetsGoDigital.

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