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Apple iPhone Conference Calling

Dennis Hissink
CES report
Wednesday 2nd, January 2008
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

With more than 3 million Apple iPhones expected in consumers’ hands by the end of 2007, Voice 2.0 company Talkster is delivering an special holiday gift to Apple iPhone users: simplified group conference calling all over the globe for the cost of a single local call. Although the intuitive Apple iPhone comes with a simple method for adding additional people into an existing conversation, the process becomes tedious and complex when adding a third, fourth or fifth caller to the conference.

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone Group Calling
With the Talkster service, Apple iPhone users simply go to i.talkster website to set up their group call. They enter the names and phone numbers of the people they want to call and click invite. Talkster generates a local phone number for each of the call participants and distributes the new number via text message. This one-time process generates a permanent number that callers can save in their address book and use any time they want to talk to this same group of people.

Apple iPhone Cell Phone
“The Apple iPhone solved some of the complexities of conference calling by adding the simple plus sign to the dial pad for adding callers, but when you are setting up a call for more than two people, the built-in iPhone method can be a complex process with multiple call, hold, merge steps for each caller,” says James Wanless, co-founder and COO of Talkster. “Talkster has made group conference calls as easy as dialing one phone number. Couple the ease of use with the fact that Talkster group conference calls are free, and it’s clear to see that iPhone users with friends and family around the globe have something to celebrate this holiday season.”

Apple iPhone

Conference calls on your Apple iPhone
In addition to creating the easiest way to conference call a group of friends, this single number connects up to five friends anywhere in the world for the price of a single local call. When adding multiple friends to a group call using the native Apple iPhone interface callers are using up multiple minutes including one for each caller in the group, with even higher costs when calling friends internationally. With Talkster, all group calls - even those that include international numbers - are as simple as dialing one local number, and minutes for just that single call are used.

Talkster group conference call
Talkster is able to offer callers free long distance, international, and group conference calls from any kind of phone by subsidizing the cost of calls with advertisements. Callers listen to a single 10-second audio ad at the start of each call and then can talk as long as they like with free calling service and no talk time limits in more than 30 countries around the globe.

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