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Apple iPod and iPhone cases

Mark Peters
CES report
Friday 17th, May 2013
Posted by: Mark Peters

Scosche Industries, the innovator of mobile electronic products and accessories for the aftermarket, announces a newly redesigned line of cases for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod classic. As a "Made for iPod" vendor, Scosche works closely with Apple to ensure that its accessories are fully compatible with the Apple iPhone and iPod models. "Consumers see Scosche cases as an ideal way to protect their investment," said Kas Alves, vice president, sales and marketing, Scosche Industries. "Our innovative line of cases for the iPhone, iPod classic, iPod touch and iPod nano are designed to provide a high level of protection without adding unnecessary bulk."

iPod and iPhone cases

Apple iPod MP3 player cases
High impact polycarbonate, flexible silicone, lightweight neoprene, anodized aluminum and military grade camouflage have proven to be the materials of choice for the Scosche industrial designers. All of the Scosche cases feature superior shock protection, all button/input access , screen protection and a perfect fit.

Apple iPhone cases
Scosche's IPC4 clear polycarbonate case for the iPhone and ITC4 clear polycarbonate case for iPod touch have integrated kickstands and feature co-molded rubber corners for shock protection. The kickstand enables easy widescreen viewing and the case also includes rubber traction cleats that protect both the iPhone and case from scratches.

iPhone cases
IPC4BK -black polycarbonate case with kickstand
IPC4W -white polycarbonate case with kickstand
IPCC - clear polycarbonate case
IPSCC2 - clear polycarbonate case and silicone skin
IPS - clear silicone skin
IPS2 - clear and black 2 pack skin
IPS35 - clear silicone skin and 3.5mm cable

iPod touch cases
ITSCC - clear polycarbonate case and silicone skin
ITCC - clear polycarbonate case
ITS - clear silicone skin
ITS2 - clear and black 2 pack skins

iPod and iPhone cases

Apple iPod nano cases
NCC - clear polycarbonate case
NSCC - clear polycarbonate case and silicone skin
INNC - sport case
INGC - camo case
NSKIN - clear silicone skin
NS2 - clear and black 2 pack skins

Apple iPod classic cases
ICC - clear polycarbonate case for 80Gb/160Gb
ISCC80 - polycarbonate case and silicone skin for 80Gb
ISCC160 - Polycarbonate case and silicone skin for 160Gb
IS2 - clear and black 2 pack silicone skins for 80Gb
IS2160 - Polycarbonate case and silicone skin for 160Gb
IVNC - sport cases for 80Gb/160Gb
IVGC - camo cases for 80Gb/160Gb
IVSMCBK - Aluminum case and silicone case for 80Gb
IVMC (silver) and IVMCBK (black)

iPod and iPhone cases

Apple iPhone & iPod cases - Protection
Scosche continues to innovate the iPod and iPhone accessory market with sleek designs and functional solutions at the highest value. Scosche's "Works with iPhone" and "Made for iPod" products offer function, integration and protection for any iPhone or iPod owner. These products are available at specialty retailers and mass merchants across the United States.

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