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Xias MP3 player

Mark Peters
CES report
Saturday 5th, January 2008
Posted by: Mark Peters

Xias will provide consumers a new option to acquire and enjoy global multimedia content. The company will be demonstrating its player and XiasLive online library of purchasable audio content at CES January 7-10, 2008, in the Central Hall, booth 15023. The distinctive Xias MP3 players with video capability will be available for purchase in Q1 2008. “Xias products combine the convergence of content and consumer electronic devices with the retailer’s need to reach new markets and generate additional revenue streams,” commented Rick Stans, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing of Norcent Technology, Inc., an authorized licensee of Xias products.

Xias MP3 player

XiasLive content
Rick Stans added: “The Xias MP3 player together with the new DRM-free XiasLive content site will cater to the growing US consumer segment that wants to play music on any MP3 device at any time.” The new XiasLive will offer a robust library of DRM-free major label and independent global song titles. Content includes English speaking titles from leading American artists and is available for purchase to everyone that has an MP3 player. The XiasLive catalogue of international video titles will be available for purchase later in 2008.

Xias MP3 player with video capability
The Xias site will initially offer a variety of music titles from numerous global and American record labels. The songs will be available to all US consumers in a pay per download format at a cost of $.99 USD per title. Downloads purchased DRM-free allow the consumer unlimited usage rights. A toolbar and geographic “Music Locator” will enable users to easily find content in the extensive XiasLive library using regional drop down menus. A variety of video is slated for download on the site later in 2008. The Xias launch promotion will offer 10 free songs from the Xias site with the purchase of the 4GB Xias multimedia player. The Xias MP3 Player with video capability was designed by an award winning international product design firm.

Xias MP3 player

Xias PV-4022 MP3 player
The sleek and stylish, Xias MP3 Player with video capability will easily slip into a pocket for on the go entertainment. It offers 4 GB of internal flash memory storage and will hold up to 1,000 songs. The Xias player is compatible with WMA or MP3 audio files and features an intuitive icon-driven menu. Also included is an FM radio and FM voice recording capabilities. The feature-rich player arrives with a large, bright 2.2” LCD viewing screen for navigation, browsing photos or watching video.

Xias MP3 player PV-4022 - Price & Availability
The Xias PV-4022 MP3 Player with Video Playback has an estimated street price of $109.99 and will be available for shipping in Q1 2008. The 2008 International CES takes place January 7-10 in Las Vegas, NV. The Xias products can be seen in the Central Hall, booth #15023, in the Las Vegas Convention Center. The display will showcase the exciting Xias product line. It includes digital cameras, digital photo frames, pen drives, MP3 Player and new XiasLive Content Music Download Site.

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