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Cell phone recycling

Mark Peters
CES report
Sunday 6th, January 2008
Posted by: Mark Peters

Worldwide sales of mobile phones surpassed one billion units for the first time last year. 295 million of those phones were sold in the fourth quarter alone, boosted by robust holiday purchases. With all these new phones, the question becomes, what is happening to all the phones that are no longer being used?

Cell phone recycling

Mobile phone recycling - Charity
As users rapidly upgrade their new phones to capture the latest features or styles, many of the retired cellular phones end up in desk drawers or glove boxes. Over time, there is the potential that these aging units get tossed out and eventually end up in the garbage or landfills. However, used cell phones and wireless products are one of the few consumer electronic products that have an 'economic life' after first use and have the highest reuse opportunity of all electronic products - the top priority in any waste diversion, recovery and recycling program!" said Bob Sullivan, CEO of The Wireless Source.

Cell phone recycling - T-Mobile
There is a multitude of choices and great uses for your retired phone. Cell phones can be donated to charities. You can pick or designate your charity and download a prepaid shipping label at the charity recycling website. As the recycling partner of T-Mobile USA, Inc. you can also recycle your device at any T-Mobile retail store or go to the T-Mobile website to download a prepaid shipping label. Net proceeds from phones that are recycled via the T-Mobile program benefit after school programs. The Wireless Source supports each of these sites. As one of the largest mobile phone recycling companies in the US, they guarantee that any personal data will be removed from the phone and if the phone is unusable, it will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Recycling for Charity - Global warming
Sullivan added,"It doesn't matter what method you choose, but make sure you recycle your used cell phone. The recovery of each used cell phone for reuse can help save the non-renewable resources needed to mine and process metals, plastics and other raw materials and to manufacture a new phone and preempt the energy consumed by these activities and their contribution to global warming".

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