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Sanyo 7050 cell phone

Ralf Jurrien
CES report
Monday 7th, January 2008
Posted by: Ralf Jurrien

Sanyo's ultra-rugged 7050 is the first Sanyo phone that adheres to Military Standard 810F for dust, shock and vibration. Ideal for business users with mobile field operations such as those in construction, maintenance and other tough environments, the 7050 by Sanyo is also perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who will appreciate the phone for the textured anti-slip rubber grip that wraps around the back and sides of the phone, offering a sure hold and added surface protection. The 7050 also supports advanced GPS-based Java applications and Bluetooth wireless technology for enhanced workforce productivity.

Sanyo 7050

Sanyo 7050 Price & Availability
The Sanyo 7050 by Sanyo is available through Sprint retail channels. Suggested retail price is $99.99 with a two-year subscriber agreement. "The ultra-rugged, military spec design of the Sanyo 7050 is a great feature, but its true strength comes from a combination of capabilities that include Java MVM support, autonomous GPS, and enhanced Bluetooth capabilities," said Andy Kodera, senior vice president and general manager of Sanyo Fisher Company's Wireless Communications Division. "Many of our phones already support GPS navigation, but this is really the first rugged CDMA phone from Sprint that supports Sprint's more advanced GPS business applications. The Sanyo 7050 finally makes these applications available to Sprint's many CDMA business customers who need a durable phone for their field personnel."

Sanyo 7050 cell phone
The advanced GPS capabilities of the phone allow it to keep up with demanding users such as those in construction, maintenance, transportation, and other field operation industries. The Sanyo 7050 offers autonomous GPS that allows location data to be captured even when the user has taken the phone off the wireless network. In addition, Java MVM allows the phone to run multiple JAVA applications simultaneously. The combination of Java MVM and location based GPS allows the phone to support advanced navigation, tracking and management applications. Applications such as Comet Tracker by ActSoft, Gearworks etrace, TeleNav Track, and Xora GPS TimeTrack provide GPS tracking, job dispatching, location-intelligent timecards, configurable forms, geofencing, and more.

Sanyo 7050

7050 Sanyo
Another powerful business solution is integrated Bluetooth support. The Bluetooth capability supports headsets, auto hands-free kits, Bluetooth printing and wireless PC connection. The Sanyo 7050 mobile phone has been designed so that it is easy to use and view even when using gloves or in bright outdoor conditions. The four external side buttons allow easy access to the speakerphone, call lists which are displayed on the outside LCD, Sprint Ready Link,and volume control. The 1" outside LCD is high-contrast to allow better visibility in outdoor environments, making it easy to check the time or Caller ID. Once open, the Sanyo 7050 phone reveals an easy-to-use keypad with large raised blue-backlight keys and a 2" color internal screen.

Sanyo 7050 Features
The large 24mm diameter Sanyo speakerphone provides ample audio volume for hands-free conversations. The rugged Sanyo 7050 by Sanyo includes additional innovative features for productive use:
Sprint Vision, for messaging and wireless Web access, as well as downloadable games, ringers, screen savers and other applications.
Limit Use feature allows the user to pre-determine the allowed incoming and/or outgoing phone numbers. Can also be used to restrict Sprint Vision and/or Sprint Ready Link usage.
4.4 hours of digital talk time

Sanyo 7050 - Wireless Backup
Wireless Backup, an optional service from Sprint that automatically stores a backup of contacts. Each time the contacts are edited, changes are wirelessly saved to a secure Sprint server. If the phone is lost, stolen or replaced it is easy to restore all of the contacts. Phone as Modem capable. With an optional USB cable, Sprint Vision Connection Manager software, and the appropriate Sprint service plan, the Sanyo 7050 can be used as a modem for a laptop PC.

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