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32 inch photo frame

Ilse Jurrien
CES report
Monday 14th, January 2008
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

At CES 2008, Smartparts, Inc., a leading manufacturer and innovator driving the explosive digital picture frame market, today unveiled the world’s largest digital picture frame, the 32 inch SP3200. The new flagship model of the company’s extensive and highly-successful OptiPix family of digital picture frames, the SP3200 is sure to turn heads wherever it’s displayed.

photo frame

Digital photo frame - Video playback
One of several innovative new products launched by Smartparts at CES, the SP3200’s 16:9, widescreen LCD panel displays photos in high-definition, with a resolution of 1366x768. The frame can also playback video with sound, including MPEG, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMA and AVI files, at their native resolutions. In addition to being able to control the SP3200 directly from the unit, consumers can also operate the frame via RF remote control. With an operating range of over 100 feet, the RF remote gives consumers the ability to navigate through the SP3200’s graphical user interface and change settings from a significant distance - a useful feature especially if the frame is mounted high or not within reach.

OptiPix Pro SP3200 - Flash memory
The SP3200 accepts all types of memory cards, including Memory Stick (MS), Secure Digital (SD) and Compact Flash (CF). Additionally, with Smartparts’ advanced OptiPix Pro software, consumers can optimize and resize their images to fit the aspect ratio and resolution of the frame, giving them the ability to store up to 1,500 pictures on the SP3200’s 256 MB of internal memory. “The SP3200 is by far one of the most impressive offerings in Smartparts’ history,” said Stefan Guelpen, president and co founder of Smartparts. “By itself, the SP3200 is a work of art, and just by looking at the frame, one can immediately appreciate the level of craftsmanship that went into its manufacture. The SP3200 features a beautiful beige museum quality mat surrounded by a natural wood frame with an espresso finish.

SmartParts OptiPix Pro photo frame - High definition
The SP3200 would be right at home, whether hung in a fine art gallery or in a family’s living room. No matter where the SP3200 is displayed, it will undoubtedly be the focal point and center of attention, allowing consumers to display their own masterpieces or others’ in commanding high-definition.”

32 inch photo frame - Software
Included with the SP3200, Smartparts exclusive OptiPix Pro software is designed to help consumers effortlessly locate, optimize and transfer pictures to their frame from their computer, all in just three easy to-follow steps. Furthermore, OptiPix Pro will not alter consumers’ original photos. OptiPix Pro first creates copies which are then optimized and transferred to the frame, leaving the original, untouched photo residing on the computer. OptiPix Pro also gives users the ability to convert and transfer PowerPoint slides, PDF files, and most picture and graphic files directly to the SP3200, a useful feature especially for business or retail applications.

OptiPix Pro digital photo frame - Price & Availability
By using the OptiPix Pro’s content based scaling option, consumers can automatically crop their 4:3 or other sized images to fit the widescreen aspect ratio of the frame. By using specially programmed algorithms, OptiPix Pro will crop the consumer’s 4:3 image to 16:9, making sure that key subject matter within a picture is not lost or stretched. The 32 inch SP3200 will retail for $899 and will be available through specialty retailers nationwide.

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