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Clarion mobile internet navigation device

Mark Peters
CES report
Monday 14th, January 2008
Posted by: Mark Peters

Clarion Corporation of America and Clarion Co., Ltd, a leading global manufacturer of mobile electronics, announce the introduction of MiND (Mobile Internet Navigation Device). MiND is based on the Intel Menlow platform, which is comprised of the Silverthorne processor and the Poulbo chipset, and is scheduled to start shipment in 2008 in the US market. MiND will provide an ‘always connected’ experience and provide users access to navigation, high-speed Internet connection, digital music and videos, hands-free phone connection (via Bluetooth), built-in camera and many other innovative entertainment features. MiND will transform the way people connect with their vehicles.

Internet navigation device

Mobile internet navigation device - Wi-Fi
MiND provides Internet connectivity via WiFi whether at home, at the office, or in hot spots around the city. Clarion’s MiND also allows for Internet connection via Bluetooth when paired with a mobile phone for convenient service options, and will eventually offer an Internet connection by either WiMAX or 3G wireless technologies. These connectivity options combine rich GPS navigation with full-page PC-like Internet browsing capabilities using its 800-pixel by 480-pixel touch- screen

Mobile navigation device - Websites
Thanks to multiple Internet connections, users can download the latest information in real-time and have ‘always on’ access to today’s most popular websites including Google Maps, Google Earth, You Tube and MySpace. Clarion has utilized its years of experience in creating car audio and navigation systems, which offer award-winning, best-in-class features, with user interfaces that provide rich information and make operation quick and intuitive.

Mobile internet navigation device - POI
The Clarion MiND is not only a mobile device but also offers a vehicle attachment via an installed docking station, thus enhancing the audio system in ways that traditional portable GPS navigation devices cannot. The MiND’s Internet connection allows for downloading the latest music and videos, and provides POI’s and directions to better guide the user through their daily commute. The MiND concept, a collaboration by Clarion Co. Ltd. and Hitachi Ltd. Automotive Systems’ Car Information System Division is being developed with the goal of offering the next generation of mobile connectivity solution. “Always connected Internet capability will drastically improve the usage of mobile navigation devices. Hitachi and Clarion will jointly provide a fabulous experience to the user,” states Mr. Masatsugu Shinozaki, EVP Hitachi Automotive Systems & General Manager.

Mobile navigation device - Features
Clarion is currently working on a portal website which will better define the future expansion and features of MiND. This portal site, named “Chizuru and Susumu”, is currently available in Japan, and will reinforce information as MiND feature-sets progress. ”Clarion is clearly leading the wave of technology and feature adoption for in-car information and entertainment with this extremely versatile and exciting product. We feel it will also raise consumer awareness for all of the other innovative Clarion products offered in the market today,” states Matt Matsuda, President of Clarion Corp. of America.

Clarion MiND - Technology
“Clarion’s Mobile Internet Navigation Device (MiND) is a good example of a next- generation Mobile Internet Device that combines navigation capabilities with real-time Internet-based services,” said Anand Chandrasekher, Senior Vice President and General manager of Ultra Mobile Group at Intel Corporation. “Clarion’s ability to innovate in the MID category, combined with Intel’s low power technologies, will enable end users to access directions, real-time points of interest and location-based services while enjoying rich entertainment experiences on-the-go.”

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