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Clarity C4230 phone

Dennis Hissink
CES report
Monday 14th, January 2008
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

Thanks to the unique handset design of its newest amplified telephone, the sound of phone conversations are a little sweeter for customers of Clarity, the nation's leading supplier of amplified telephones. The Clarity C4230 phone features a unique ergonomic design with a scooper-shaped sound chamber ear piece - resembling an ice cream scooper - which serves to make telephone conversations louder, clearer and more comfortable for the millions of people who experience hearing or mobility challenges. Demand for the new C4230 has been building since the announcement of the product's development--already becoming a top-selling item for Clarity, through aggressive pre-ordering by Clarity Authorized Distributors.

Clarity C4230 phone

Clarity C4230 amplified phone - Conversations
"We really took a new approach with the C4230," explained Carsten Trads, president of Clarity. "From the beginning we looked at how we could get the loudest, most comfortable conversations out of a cordless amplified telephone that also interacted in the best way possible with our end users. So we researched the interface, ergonomic factors, and digital sound processing to create a product that truly meets and exceeds our customers' expectations. Interestingly, we discovered that an ice cream scooper provides an interface that is easy to hold and use.

Clarity C4230 phone - Design and Price
And the scooper-shaped design actually creates a fantastic acoustic chamber for our telephone. The C4230 is available for the suggested retail price of $269.95 through Clarity Authorized Distributors and online at: Amplifying incoming sounds up to 50 decibels, the C4230 uses patented Digital Clarity Power technology to make sounds not only louder, but clearer and easier to understand.

Clarity C4230 telephone - Digital answering machine
The Clarity C4230 is also the only telephone to feature an amplified speaker phone base with a variable speed playback digital answering machine. This feature allows users to check messages through the portable handset or the amplified speakerphone. The variable speed playback allows users to slow down message recordings to make them easier to understand. The only amplified cordless telephone to utilize true 5.8GHz transmission between the handset and base, the Clarity C4230 is able to ensure callers experience less interference than with many other types of cordless telephones. Additional features include adjustable volume, tone and balance, as well as, visual and tactile ring indicators.

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