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Philips Active Crystals

Ilse Jurrien
CES report
Tuesday 15th, January 2008
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Following the success of the Active Crystals range, Philips and Swarovski announce new luxurious color enhanced USB memory keys and headphones for 2008. The new additions to the Active Crystals range offer a sparkling array of color to the elegant crystal accessories. The new Philips and Swarovski Active Crystals Color range includes the dazzling USB Heart Ware Crystal Vitrail Light memory keys, the vibrant Space Violet in-ear headphones, the USB Lock Out Jet Hematite memory keys and the Space Jet Hematite in-ear headphones. The beautiful soft tones of the eye-catching crystals add a new dimension to these sensational and practical accessories. Philips Active Crystals will be available in February 2008.

Philips Active Crystals

Philips Active Color Crystals - Style
The USB Heart Ware Crystal Vitrail Light memory keys and Space Violet in-ear headphones will be available for Valentine’s Day 2008. Adding a new element of style to high quality audio and storage USB electronics, these jewels are the ultimate Valentine gifts for smart and fashionable women. A perfect accompaniment to the USB Lock Out Jet Hematite are the new Space Jet Hematite in-ear headphones, which provide a high fashion alternative to dreary traditional offerings adding a little sparkle to your work day routine. The headsets feature eye-catching jet hematite crystals to add a level of sleek style to the audio device.

Philips Active Crystals - Technique and Storage
Space Violet is a discreet form of luxury - a facetted soft violet crystal moulded into the silver metal of headphones fitted to the ear. The USB Heart Ware Crystal Vitrail Light, worn round the neck as a stylish pendant, takes the form of a highly polished heart-shaped silver metal decorated with sparkling pink crystal. Created with Swarovski’s exclusive pointiage technique, the heart opens to reveal the USB memory key featuring one gigabyte of storage.

Philips Active Design Crystals - Memory and Flexibility
The new USB Lock Out Jet Hematite memory keys and Space Jet Hematite headphones raise the bar for contemporary fashion technology design. The USB Lock Out Jet Hematite adds a new aura of light to your professional wardrobe and delivers an understated elegance to the boardroom. The new USB Lock Out Jet Hematite memory keys provide practicality and flexibility enveloped in luxurious and stylish design. Simply press on the side of the cylinder to release the key from its case, with capacity for 1000 songs and 250 photographs. For added security, the key also features password protection software ensuring files are safe.

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