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Philips at CES

Ilse Jurrien
CES report
Tuesday 15th, January 2008
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Philips has unveiled its striking new design identity at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2008, with the introduction of the Design Collection, creating a holistic and iconic design across its complete home entertainment range. Philips also announced collaboration with Rhapsody, the online music service from RealNetworks and MTV Networks, offering the ultimate simplicity solution for music downloads. Commenting on the Design Collection, Philips’ new Consumer Lifestyle Chief Executive Officer, Andrea Ragnetti said: “Consumers have shared with us their desire for products with a simpler and softer, more sophisticated design. Something that touches the heart as well as the head.”

Philips at CES

Philips design collection - Entertainment
“With this Design Collection, being minimalist, emotional and recognizable, we’ve created a solution that focuses on the consumer’s needs to deliver simple and meaningful fulfilment. We have brought a new sense of elegance, innovation and sophistication to consumer products not yet seen in the consumer electronics sector,” said Mr. Ragnetti. In the past, home entertainment solutions were boxes and devices providing consumers with an entertainment experience. What used to be a consumer electronic device is now a signature piece of furniture that helps define personal style and space.

Philips at CES - CEA Innovations Award for Design and Engineering
At the core of the Design Collection are the innovative and state-of-the art designs taking once-familiar objects and giving them a new sense of intimacy. The design language has moved away from a ‘masculine technology box’ to a smoother, more feminine approach that integrates seamlessly into the home environment. The new Design Collection recently received its first accolade as a winner of the 2008 CEA Innovations Award for Design and Engineering. Philips’ new 52-inch Ultimate Dream TV (52PFL7603D) won the award for its amazing style and impressive array of innovative video technologies. In addition to the Ultimate Dream TV, the Design Collection will feature a range of FlatTVs and other home entertainment products.

Philips and Rhapsody partnership - Connecting to a world of entertainment
Consumers not only want products that look good and perform well, but devices that access and playback a variety of content. Announced at CES, Philips also unveiled a partnership with Rhapsody, offering an initial subscription-based music service to provide customers with the music they want, where they want it, whether at home or on the go. The Rhapsody service will be available with both Philips’ portable GoGear MP3 Players and Streamium home audio products.

Philips NP1100 MP3 player
Philips’ new Streamium NP1100 is Philips’ first home audio product created to specifically work with subscription-based music services. With Philips’ NP1100, consumers can listen to free internet radio and access Rhapsody directly from their home stereo without numerous wired connections. Rhapsody is a membership-based music service that provides unlimited access to a catalogue of millions of full length, CD-quality tracks. It allows consumers the ability to listen to as much new music as they wish for a low monthly fee. Rhapsody and Philips will offer an “all-you-can-eat plan” allowing consumers the choice to explore tracks to download or refresh anywhere there is an internet access point. The Rhapsody service is available in the US and Europe.

Consumer Electronics Show 2008 - Ambisound products
Philips continues its design led innovations with a new version of its award-winning Ambisound. In the modern home entertainment system, image is not everything and sound matters as much as what is on the screen. Philips’ Ambisound delivers with a 5.1 surround sound and stands out through its stunning design. Featuring two new models (HTS6100 and HTS6515D), the new Ambisound range provides a simple solution to a truly immersive home entertainment experience.

Philips Blu-ray and Swarovski
Continuing its leadership in home entertainment, Philips showed off its latest Blu-ray player. A leader in delivering Blu-ray technology, Philips released the new BDP7200 - a Profile 1.1 compliant Blu-ray Disc player fully optimizing the complete HD experience. Philips Active Crystals bring elegance and style to USB peripheral devices. Created in partnership with the renowned crystal house, Swarovski, the Active Crystal range combines high fashion design with the best in technology, creating a fusion of fashion and function. New to the range in 2008, Philips and Swarovski introduce a new lilac crystal collection launching prior to Valentine’s Day. The new lilac crystal collection is the perfect gift choice for someone special.

Philips at CES 2008 - Portable media and Freedom
Providing additional freedom from wires and constraints, Philips introduces the new BTM630 Bluetooth device freeing digital audio files from personal music players, cell phones and PCs. The device features a sleek, wireless design and has an integrated iPod portable media player dock that can also play music from an SD or MMC card.

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