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SanDisk Sansa View review

Mark Peters
CES report
Friday 26th, December 2008
Posted by: Mark Peters

Even at first sight, the SanDisk Sansa View looks sleek and neat; the device fits perfectly in my hand and has an expensive businesslike appearance. The SanDisk View is available in black. The front has a shiny coating and the back a rubber finishing touch. The thing that struck me straight away is the fact that the Sansa View has very few buttons, which looks good and functions perfectly. With dimensions of 8 mm x 4 mm x 1 mm the View is not the smallest of devices, yet in combination with its weight of approximately 80 grams, it is a solid MP3 player. The model I tested is equipped with 8GB flash memory and can hold approximately 2000 songs. There are various models available besides this one; with 16GB and 32GB. Moreover, the Sansa View features a microSD slot to enable an additional storage space of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB or even 8GB.

SanDisk Sansa View

SanDisk Sansa View music quality
The earplugs found in the box are light, and even though they are rather big, they do fit perfectly in your ear. The music the View produces with this headset is excellent, although the sound is inferior to that of the SanDisk Sansa Clip, for example. Now and then the sound hears and feels somewhat empty, like its soul is missing, or in other words; it's not a beautiful full sound at times. This is also the case when you connect a different set of earplugs to the Sansa View or when you use an external speaker. The sound is excellent, however, it lacks the possibility to pleasantly surprise you. The equalizer of the media player features a number of preset options and in addition, a manual equalizer. While testing the View, I discovered that the equalizer worked best when left alone, since it takes a heck of a lot of effort to improve the sound of a song. The best results are even achieved when deactivating the equalizer. Supported music formats are: MP3, WMA, ASF, AAC, WAV and support for Audible - Audiobooks.

SanDisk Sansa Video
Video rendering is superb on the Sansa View, as well as very realistic. The monitor shows to full advantage despite the fact that a few pixels are slightly blurred now and then. Winding forward or back in a video, however, does not feel comfortable. The Sansa View winds back in small steps of 4 seconds each, and although this is not a problem with videos up to 3 or 4 minutes, longer videos prove a nuisance to wind back or forward. It's funny to see how all the icons move gracefully to the right when the video mode is activated, since you automatically turn the MP3 player a quarter because the video is played in landscape. The following video formats are supported by the SanDisk Sansa View: AVI, WMV, WAV and MPEG4. The Sansa Media Convertor, available from the Internet (requires online SanDisk registration) is able to convert many video formats to a format that the Sansa View supports.

SanDisk Sansa View

SanDisk Sansa Photo Viewer function
The photo viewer of the Sansa View has the same qualities as the video player. The monitor shows to full advantage, and unlike the video player there are no blurred pixels in sight. The pictures are reproduced extremely clear. If you happen to have an incredible amount of pictures on your SanDisk Sansa, thumbnail mode will save you. This reproduction mode facilitates finding the picture you need. It is ever so nice to share your pictures with others, since a slide show belongs to the possibilities too, even accompanied by appropriate music. The options for random and continuous play are available in photo mode. The Sansa View supports JPEG format. Read the full SanDisk Sansa View at LetsGoMobile.

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