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HTC Smartphone review

Dennis Hissink
CES report
Sunday 4th, January 2009
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

The HTC S740 smart phone is a phone that fits the current requirements of the average smartphone user when it comes to specifications. Sending text messages, picture shooting, navigating and scrolling the Internet are all among the possibilities the HTC S740 offers. The package of the HTC S740 smartphone is as simple as it is smart. A small square box that closes with a magnet. Upon opening the package, the cell phone becomes visible, lying elegantly in black foam.

HTC S740 Smartphone

HTC S740 smartphone
Hiding underneath the HTC smartphone are a stereo headset and a USB charger that can also be used as data cable. Itís striking to see two items missing: a software CD and a flash memory card. The cell phone in itself looks neat with a 2.4 inch TFT LCD monitor that smoothly turns into keys. The back of the handset features a subtle design with a relief of several triangles. However, the most striking thing about the HTC S740 smartphone is indeed the push-open QWERTY keyboard.

HTC S740 Smartphone

HTC smartphone memory
Itís ever so easy to use the full QWERTY keyboard for emailing, sending text messages and surfing the Internet. Since the monitor rotates upon pushing open the keyboard, a wider screen becomes available. A nice addition is the automatic appearance of a quick menu whilst pushing it open, to start a text message, an email or a messenger message. The only downer is the slow rotation of the screen. Besides using the regular letter keys, the QWERTY keyboard also supports typing figures and punctuation marks through the FN button. This button allows several keys to support more than one function at the same time. Typing on the full keyboard is simple. You hardly ever hit the wrong key. It certainly is a lot easier and faster than typing with the T9 keyboard.

HTC S740 Smartphone

HTC smartphone review
The HTC S740 smartphone features a 3.2 Megapixel photo and video camera. Through the submenu, you can adjust various settings with ease, such as white balance, resolution or self-timer. However, it is hard to take high quality pictures in a dark environment since the camera lacks a flash. If there is sufficient light, pictures turn out sharply. Unfortunately, the HTC S740 smartphone does not support auto focus which means that hastily captured pictures will suffer from blur. The HTC smartphone is a genuine handheld computer. Everything youíd expect from a smartphone is available on this cell phone. However, sadly the phone is not all that user-friendly. The rather clumsy menu structure makes it difficult to quickly carry out a number of different actions. Read the full HTC S740 review at LetsGoMobile.

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