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Picture Porter portable photo manager

Mark Peters
CES report
Monday 5th, January 2009
Posted by: Mark Peters

Digital Foci announced that it is introducing the new Picture Porter 35 at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Booth #31846 (LVCC, South Hall). Picture Porter 35 (model PPR-350) is a new high-capacity portable photo manager with a 3.5-inch color screen for easy viewing; built-in hard drive with capacity starting at 160GB; and a multi-format memory card reader.

Picture Porter 35

Digital Foci Picture Porter 35
The next-generation of the Picture Porter family, Picture Porter 35 provides super fast copy speeds of 1GB of data in about 2 minutes. Picture Porter 35 lets you instantly and securely save and view digital photos and video on its hard drive wherever you go. Not only does the Picture Porter 35 relieve you from worrying about limited memory card space for your digital camera, it’s also the best device to help you keep all your photos in one, easy-to-manage location.

DSLR Support for Pro and Travel Photography
Perfect for professional photographers and travelers, Picture Porter 35 lets you instantly and securely back up photos from digital camera memory cards while on photo shoots or vacation. Picture Porter 35 supports RAW images with zoom, EXIF, and histogram data to let you examine photos in great detail from a wide selection of DSLRs. In addition, with the new IPTC support, users can also view IPTC metadata, such as headline, copyright owner, and comments embedded in the photos. For non-professional use, the IPTC support allows you to see the comments added to photos downloaded from popular photo sites (like Google’s Picasa Web Albums) as they are displayed on Picture Porter 35.

Advanced File Management
Digital Foci Picture Porter 35 gives photographers file management features that eliminate the need altogether for a PC while on the road. Users now have the ability to make selections, copy, rename, delete files, sort files by name or date, and create new folders. This allows Photographers to sort through and organize newly acquired photos while riding back in the car or plane or at any convenient opportunity.

Digital Foci portable photo manager
The new USB-host function lets you connect an external hard drive to Picture Porter 35 for data access. This provides a convenient method for making secondary backups of critical photos. In addition, the USB-host feature lets you easily back up the entire Picture Porter 35 hard drive to an attached external hard drive for extra security. For personal and business use, the new Playlist feature lets users create unique photo slideshows that can be viewed on Picture Porter 35 or transferred to Digital Foci’s Image Moments digital photo frame for playback. Other features include audio and video playback, a built-in speaker, audio recorder with built-in mic, and audio and video output.

Picture Porter portable photo manager
Digital Foci Picture Porter 35 takes the worry out of losing precious photos stored on easily damaged memory cards. Its multiple memory card slots provide direct support for all popular memory cards, including CF, SD/HC, miniSD, MS, MS Duo, xD, and miniSD (no miniSD to SD adapter needed -a welcomed feature for videographers with digital camcorders that take the miniSD format).

160GB portable hard disk drive
With Picture Porter 35’s high-capacity 160GB and larger hard drive, you can carry your collection of digital photos and video with you all the time. It’s great for presenting your portfolio for business presentations or just re-living your cherished memories with your family and friends anytime, anywhere. While viewing photos on Picture Porter 35’s bright LCD, you can rotate, zoom, pan, and play slideshows. You can also connect Picture Porter 35 to a TV or projector and share your video, photos and music with family and friends on a big screen in the comfort of your living room.

Picture Porter 35 price & availability
Available Summer 2009, Picture Porter 35 is lightweight and compact, weighing 12 oz. (with hard drive and battery), with dimensions of 5.4” (L) x 3.8” (W) x 1.2” (H). It will be available in 160GB and higher capacity configurations (MSRP to be determined). Picture Porter 35 comes with a USB cable, AC power adapter, user-replaceable rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, earphones, video cable for RCA video output, custom designed carrying case, wrist strap, and manual.

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