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Portable digital photo gallery

Dennis Hissink
CES report
Monday 5th, January 2009
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

ALBUMteam Ltd. is launching ALBUM in the United States. ALBUM, a portable digital photo gallery, sets a new standard for viewing and sharing digital photos anytime, anywhere. The cutting-edge 7“ portable display presents photos in uncompromised size and quality. 40,000 photos can be downloaded onto ALBUM directly from digital cameras, memory cards, flash drives, other ALBUMs or through a computer. A simple three-button navigation system makes ALBUM easy to use for everybody. ALBUM - the size of a slim personal diary, the weight of a fresh apple and with a genuine leather protective case - is the first truly portable digital photo gallery.

Portable digital photo gallery

ALBUM Portable photo gallery
ALBUM was designed to satisfy the most demanding consumers, in terms of simplicity of use, practicality, and style. ALBUM is the pioneer product of ALBUMteam Ltd. founded in 2008. The firm is based on an outstanding know-how of industrial design and digital technology of its two founders - Czech designer Dominika Nell Applová, who is primarily known for her work in Silicon Valley, and Dalibor Dedek, who is one of Europe's most successful entrepreneurs in the field of security equipment. ALBUM is the first of a range of products aimed at global markets.

ALBUM photo navigation
“With our ALBUM you don’t need a computer to view photos. Taking photos as well as sharing them can now happen at the same time and on the go, because you can upload your photos to ALBUM directly from your camera. And ALBUM navigation is so intuitive that everybody can use it straight from the box. The Apple iPod has brought music back to our lives - ALBUM is doing the same for photos” says Dominika Nell Applová.

Portable digital photo gallery

Built-in SD memory card reader
With ALBUM, photos are viewed on a state-of-the-art postcard sized display (7”) at a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels (130 DPI). The internal memory (4 GB) can hold up to 40,000 photographs at ALBUM optimized resolution. One battery charge lasts an entire dinner party (3 hours). ALBUM portable photo gallery is compatible with any type of USB device, including other ALBUMs, and also has a built-in SD memory card reader. ALBUM portable photo gallery is truly portable. It is not larger than a slim personal diary (7.7” x 4.45” x 0.55”), it weighs no more than a fresh apple (0.9 pound) and its screen is protected by a stylish leather case, which also serves as a support stand when viewing slideshows.

Portable digital photo gallery

SHOW-OFF photo collection
To support the idea of sharing photos ALBUM team has also developed a simple “SHOW-OFF” application. SHOW-OFF makes it possible to send your favorite photos to anyone, anywhere. A fully customizable SHOW-OFF photo collection can be added to a new ALBUM or sent alone. SHOW-OFF photo collection makes for an original gift that surprises and delights friends, family or colleagues. SHOW-OFF is currently available exclusively on the ALBUM website.

Portable digital photo gallery

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