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Motorola VA76r Tundra

Ilse Jurrien
CES report
Tuesday 6th, January 2009
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

AT&T Mobility and Motorola unveiled Motorola Tundra VA76r, a rugged 3G clamshell mobile phone with a tough exterior that can withstand harsh environments. Perfect for those who need a durable mobile phone such as teenagers, outdoor enthusiasts and contractors, Motorola Tundra combines uncompromised call quality, optional workforce management tools, navigation capabilities, access to the Web on the nation's fastest 3G network and AT&T Mobility's Push to Talk (PTT) service. Versatile and durable, The Motorola Tundra handset is designed to withstand the most strenuous conditions, meeting US 810F Military Specifications (MIL) for drop, dust, vibration, humidity, severe temperatures and rain.

Motorola VA76r Tundra

Motorola VA76r Tundra features
Engage in crisp, clear conversations on Motorola Tundra handset, even in harsh environments, using Motorola's CrystalTalk Plus with dual microphone technology or immediately connect to a single person, or an entire team, with the touch of a button using PTT technology. The Motorola Tundra cellular phone provides exceptional usability with unique phone features designed for workforce management, such as voice activation, phone book locking for call restrictions, a rugged antenna and keys that can be easily pressed while wearing gloves. AT&T Navigator provides turn-by-turn directions to new locations and is available with a 30-day free trial.

Motorola VA76r Tundra

Motorola Tundra phone memory
While Tundra is a great mobile phone for rugged environments, using PTT, and finding your way with AT&T Navigator, it can do even more with text messaging, e-mail and Web browsing for information, news and video, all available at high speeds with 3G connectivity. The feature-rich cell phone also offers access to AT&T music and a 2 megapixel digital camera to snap and share still images. The Motorola Tundra mobile phone also has 100 MB of available memory, up to 4GB of optional removable memory, and it can be paired with a host of compatible Bluetooth enabled accessories.

Motorola VA76r Tundra

Motorola VA76r Tundra price & availability
Delivering more than just rugged looks and durability, The Motorola Tundra mobile phone features easy access to AT&T Navigator and enables advanced location and optional add-on enterprise tracking services such as TeleNav Track and Xora Mobile Workforce Management tools to help users find their way - and their teams - more efficiently to help increase productivity. The Motorola Tundra VA76r cell phone will be available for $199.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate with a two-year contract.

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