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Pandigital touchscreen photo frames

Dennis Hissink
CES report
Wednesday 7th, January 2009
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

Pandigital unveiled its new PanTouch Clear line of digital photo frames, which delivers a dramatic new design marked by creating the perception of "floating” digital images. To create the floating effect, the new PanTouch Clear frames feature an eye-catching 800x600 high-resolution display that appears to be floating in the surrounding glass. The look is contemporary and unique, yet the styling will fit into any traditional home. Even the stand in back is clear for an unobstructed view. In addition to the new styling, the PanTouch Clear touch-screen photo frames are incredibly easy and enjoyable to use.

Pandigital photo frames

Pandigital Digital Photo Frame line-up
Pandigital has enhanced its popular PanTouch interface to be even simpler and more intuitive to use by making all the primary functions accessible in an easy one-step process. Plus, customers can select and view their photos and control the frame's functions with easy-to-understand icons that can be touched directly across the entire glass surface of the frame. To accomplish this, the frames feature leading-edge touch technology, which “prints” invisible circuits on fingerprint-resistant, clear glass. The benefit is that customers can now enjoy intuitive full touch-screen capabilities while still enjoying the premium home décor-style look of the glass on the Pandigital Digital Photo Frame line. This is unlike frames using capacitive-touch technology that require the consumer to directly touch the LCD panel, which prevents the use of glass.

Pandigital PanTouch Clear photo frames
"Pandigital's position as the leading digital photo frame provider comes from delivering products that use the latest in unparalleled technology in ways that improve and simplify the customer experience, and we've done that again with our new Pandigital PanTouch Clear frames," said Dean Finnegan, CEO and founder, Pandigital. "These new frames look incredibly sophisticated and unique while offering the simplest user interface on a digital photo frame in the industry.” Finnegan added, "Like our entire line of digital photo frames, the new PanTouch Clear models continue our tradition of offering unsurpassed style and first-rate design quality at the best value.”

Pandigital touch-screen photo frames
The Pandigital PanTouch Clear photo frames come in two sizes - 8-inch and 7-inch. Both models have an 800x600 resolution on the vibrant LCD with a 4:3 true photo aspect ratio, maintaining the consumer preference for digital photo frames that emulate traditional printed photos and don’t distort or crop the digital image. Both photo frames include 1GB of storage that allow up to 6400 images to be stored using Pandigital's memory optimization mode. The new photo frames accept the latest in popular memory cards. The PanTouch Clear models have a 6-in-1 digital media card reader (Compact Flash, SD, XD, MS/MSPro, MMC), so customers don't need to connect to a computer to view their photos. Customers who want to download photos from their computer onto the Pandigital PanTouch Clear frames can do so via a USB connection.

Wireless and Bluetooth compatibility
The new Pandigital PanTouch Clear frames come with extra functionality that makes them enjoyable to use. They feature wireless and Bluetooth compatibility for a direct connection to a home wireless network, or to the customers Bluetooth compatible devices. In addition, the frames each have programmable on/off times as well as clock and calendar functions. They can view JPEG photos, play video and MP3 music files.

Pandigital PanTouch photo frames price & availability
The Pandigital PanTouch Clear 8-inch digital photo frame (model # PAN8000DWPCF1) comes with a dark espresso wood frame, as well as white and charcoal interchangeable mats, and a white full-sized mat that covers the glass surrounding glass area to offer a option for customers who prefer a more traditional frame style. It has a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of $139.99. The Pandigital PanTouch Clear 7-inch digital photo frame (model # PAN7003DWPCF1) comes with a dark espresso wood frame, as well as white and charcoal interchangeable mats. It has an MSRP of $119.99.

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