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Joby Gorillapod in orange

Ilse Jurrien
CES report
Wednesday 7th, January 2009
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Joby announces a new flavor for the original Gorillapod - orange. Fruitful, adventuresome, warm, yet powerful, orange joins the spectrum of colors available for the original Gorillapod: red, blue, green, yellow, pink and grey. The original Gorillapod, in all its colors, is the lightest and most versatile camera tripod available today. Featuring over two dozen flexible leg joints that bend and rotate, it will firmly secure compact digital cameras to virtually any surface - anywhere and everywhere!

Joby original Gorillapod

Joby Gorillapod an ideal camera accessory
The original Gorillapod is the ideal accessory for anyone with a small, lightweight camera. Throw it in your pocket or backpack and you'll be ready to take pictures in any situation! While the Gorillapod serves all the functions of a traditional camera tripod - providing a stable platform, steadying your camera under low-light conditions, and letting you take timed release shots - it is the only tripod flexible enough to help you capture the perfect shot while hugging a tree branch, clinging to the top of a chair back or perching on a jagged rock.

Joby Gorillapod Go-Go!
Original Gorillapods of all colors support compact cameras weighing up to 11.5 ounces (325g). Their close cousin, the Gorillapod Go-Go! is an original Gorillapod that comes with additional clips to attach cell phones, PDAs and music/video players for mobile entertainment on the go. Medium-sized members of the family are the Gorillapod SLR for cameras up to 1.75 pounds (800g) and the SLR-Zoom for cameras up to 6.6 pounds (3kg). Our biggest, strongest size is the Gorillapod Focus, which supports a whopping 11 pounds (5kg) of camera gear.

Joby Gorillapod family
Come see the entire Gorillapod family of products at CES Unveiled, January 6, 2009, Venetian Ballroom A-D or visit us January 8-11, 2009 at our CES Meeting Room 6609MP (North Hall - Across from Hall 3 & 4), Las Vegas, NV. We will also be at MacWorld Conference & Expo January 6-9, 2009, Booth #214, Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, CA.

Joby original Gorillapod

Joby Gorillapod sales distribution
Gorillapods debuted in February 2006 and now sell in over 40 countries. The original Gorillapod in orange retails for $24.95 and is available online. Joby offers special pricing for original Gorillapods in all colors for corporate gifts and giveaways.

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