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Sony Camcorders with GPS

Dennis Hissink
CES report
Friday 9th, January 2009
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

As a leader in the high-definition camcorder category, Sony is introducing four hard disk drive Handycam camcorders with high-performance optics, large storage capacity and advanced technologies. The Sony HDR-XR520V, HDR-XR500V, HDR-XR200V and HDR-XR100 camcorder models preserve content in high resolution with 1920x1080 high-definition video recording and up to 12-megapixel still image capture. The flagship model includes a 240GB hard drive that holds up to 101 hours of HD video (LP mode), embedded GPS, a back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor, and improved optical image stabilization.

Sony GPS Camcorders

New Sony HD Camcorders
“Sony will continue to lead the high-definition camcorder segment with our strong new lineup,” said Kelly Davis, director of camcorder marketing at Sony Electronics. “These new Sony HD Camcorder models represent Sony’s top of the line camcorders, delivering innovative features and advanced optics for unprecedented picture quality.”

High-performance camcorder optics
Offering a refined level of optical performance, the new Sony high definition camcorders combine an Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor, the Sony G Lens and a BIONZ processor. The Sony HDR-XR520V and the Sony HDR-XR500V camcorders are the first HD camcorders to use a back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor. Because the wire circuitry is placed behind the sensor’s photo detectors, the camcorders provide stunning low light performance with approximately twice the sensitivity compared to Sony’s existing front-illuminated CMOS sensor at F2.0. This results in brilliant image clarity and reduced grain.

Sony GPS Camcorders

Sony HD camcorder featurers
These two camcorders feature a Sony G lens that incorporates advanced optics and low-dispersion aspheric glass elements for accurate color production and sharp, detailed images. A six-blade iris produces circular “bokeh” defocus effects for creative shooting possibilities. A high-speed BIONZ imaging processor handles massive amounts of high resolution data from the Exmor R CMOS sensor for quick response and extraordinary picture quality. The new Sony Camcorders also have an improved Optical Steady Shot feature with Active Mode, which allows a moveable lens element to shift with a greater range of motion during camera shake. This results in dramatically smoother video footage and photos.

Sony camcorder storage capacity
The Sony HDR-XR520V, HDR-XR500V, HDR-XR200V and Sony HDR-XR100 camcorders offer extremely long recording times with hard drive capacity of 240GB, 120GB, 120GB and 80GB, respectively. In addition to a built-in hard drive, the models can also record content to optional Memory Stick PRO Duo media. Sony’s new 16GB PRO-HG Duo HX Memory Stick media (model Sony MS-HX16G) offers extremely quick data transfer rates with the ability to transfer approximately one hour of high definition video from the camcorder to the PC in about six minutes.

Sony GPS Camcorders

Sony GPS camcorder for video geo-tagging
Making it easy to retrace your steps by shooting location, the Sony HDR-XR520V, HDR-XR500V and Sony HDR-XR200V camcorders feature a built-in GPS antenna and NAVTEQ digital maps for video and photo geo-tagging. Geo-tagged content is marked by a push pin at each shot location and can be played back on the camcorder map index display or enjoyed on the PC using the included Picture Motion Browser software. The feature also highlights your current map location and automatically adjusts the camcorder clock to the proper time zone.

Smile Shutter technology
All new Sony HD camcorder models feature Smile Shutter technology, which automatically detects faces and takes photos as your subject smiles, even while shooting HD video. In addition to Face Detection technology, the camcorders are packed with powerful features including Dolby Digital 5.1-channel surround sound recording, a built-in zoom microphone and up to 3.2-inch wide (measured diagonally) touch-panel LCD screens.

Sony GPS Camcorders

Improved Post-Shooting Experience
Developed for viewing special moments on your television with family and friends, the Highlight Playback mode on the Sony HDR-XR520V, HDR-XR500V and Sony HDR-XR200V models personalize your video footage by generating a video slideshow with theme transitions and background music. You can also add your own MP3 music files using the included software. All Sony camcorder models ship with the latest version of Picture Motion Browser software to easily view, organize, and upload images to many major video and photo sharing Web sites.

New Sony Standard Definition Camcorders
Complementing these high-definition camcorders, Sony is updating its standard-definition, hard-drive line with three new models. They have up to 60X optical zoom, hybrid movie recording to Memory Stick PRO Duo media (sold separately), large built-in hard drives and 2.7-inch (measured diagonally) wide LCD touch panel screens. Additionally, the DCR-SR87 includes a 1-megapixel CCD imager and the Sony DCR-SR47 model comes in three color variations (red, blue and silver).

Sony VRD-P1 DVDirect Express DVD writer
The 80GB Sony DCR-SR87, 80GB DCR-SR67 and 60GB Sony DCR-SR47 camcorders work with Sony’s new DVDirect Express DVD writer, model VRD-P1, offering a quick and easy way to transfer home videos directly to DVD without a computer. By attaching the DVDirect Express via its built-in USB cable to compatible Handycam camcorders, it can transfer video to DVD for playback on most home DVD players. The Sony VRD-P1 unit will be available this month for about $150.

Sony HD Camcorders Price & Availability
The Sony HDR-XR520V, HDR-XR500V, HDR-XR200V and Sony HDR-XR100 will begin shipping in March for about $1500, $1300, $1000 and $750, respectively. The Sony DCR-SR87, DCR-SR67 and Sony DCR-SR47 will begin shipping in February for about $500, $450 and $400, respectively. The Sony MS-HX16G 16GB Memory Stick media card will ship in March for around $140. Camcorders and accessories will be available at Sony Style retail stores and at authorized dealers and military base exchanges nationwide.

Sony GPS Camcorders

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