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LG watch phone review

Mark Peters
CES report
Sunday 3rd, January 2010
Posted by: Mark Peters

The LG watch phone comes in a big sturdy box with a magnetic lock. Upon opening it, the LG watch phone is directly accessible. Furthermore, there are several boxes containing the supplied accessories. For the watch phone, these are a charger, a Bluetooth headset, data cable, instruction manuals and a software CD. The charger is a combination of charger and cradle, however, it does come across rather cheap. It would have been fun if some kind of desk cradle had been included, in which to place the watch phone when charging. When it comes to design, the phone looks neat. It is the front in particular that attracts the attention. On the phone's side, three buttons are positioned, for answering and ending a call and to undo an action. The watch certainly gives you the feeling you're wearing something truly unique on your wrist.

LG GD910 watch phone review
Before we received the LG watch phone in order to carry out a comprehensive test, we had already gotten to admire this product during a previous dealer show of LG Electronics. At that time, it was still difficult to determine exactly how this gadget would work in practice. The LG watch phone is, first and foremost, a watch. Standard, an analogue or digital clock is displayed, however, without screen backlight. If you press one of the buttons, the screen will light up, and after that you are able to select different clocks by moving up and down. If you slide to the side, you will find the call functionality, a start screen with alerts and a menu. The menu of the LG watch phone is kept fairly simple and consists of four icons. You can select your desired style from various themes Inside the menu, we find messages, contacts, settings and accessories.

LG watch phone review
With the GD910, LG clearly demonstrates what it is able to. Thanks to this very attractively designed watch, a beautiful integration of the mobile phone has become reality. The small but very effective touch screen ensures the watch is easy to operate, and makes sending text messages a child's play. The availability of an MP3 player and voice recorder really adds to the device, and helps to get the most out of it. The call function using the speaker works very well, although it may prove a bit difficult to have a private conversation. In case you want privacy, you can opt to use the included Bluetooth headset. The question in that case, however, is whether you are comfortable wearing this kind of headset the entire day. Read the full LG watch phone review at LetsGoMobile.

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