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Samsung TL210

Ilse Jurrien
CES report
Wednesday 6th, January 2010
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Samsung extend its renowned Dual View family of digital cameras with the introduction of the Samsung TL210. Offering Samsung’s dual screen LCD technology, the new 12.4 megapixel Samsung TL210 offers a variety of updated features which will make it even easier for consumers to capture their most precious memories with family and friends, both from behind and in front of the camera. The Samsung TL210 will be on display during the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show, January 7-10, 2010, in the Samsung booth in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Samsung TL210

Samsung TL210 DualView digital camera
“The introduction of the Samsung DualView camera in 2009 was one of the most successful digital camera introductions in Samsung’s history,” said Mr. SJ Park, CEO of Samsung Digital Imaging Company. “The Samsung TL225 and the TL220 broke new ground and surpassed industry expectations thanks to a combination of technologies that directly addressed how families and consumers take pictures today. We’re proud to add to the momentum generated by the launch of these digital cameras by extending the DualView family with the Samsung TL210 that will bring new features to the table and will be available at a competitive price to accommodate a wide range of budgets.”

Samsung TL210 records HD video at 30 fps
The new Samsung DualView TL210 features a 1.5-inch color LCD screen located on the front of the camera. This 1.5-inch display gives consumers the ability to perfect their self-portraits or join their friends and family in the shot. New for the Samsung TL210 DualView camera, consumers can now use the 1.5-inch front LCD to frame video in addition to digital stills. With the Samsung TL210, consumers can enjoy 720p HD video recording at 30 frames per second (fps). An optional HDMI adaptor is also available, so that consumers can enjoy their HD video, as well as digital still images, on an HDTV or HD monitor. The new Samsung DualView camera also allows users to have more fun with the dual LCD screens thanks to the addition of the Couple Shot feature and the updated Child Mode with music.

Samsung TL210

Samsung DualView TL210 camera features
Enhancements have been made to some of Samsung DualView’s most celebrated features on the Samsung TL210, including updates to the cameras’ Child Mode and Self-Timer. In addition to playing a fun animation on the front LCD screen, the TL210’s Child Mode will also play a musical tune to better help capture a child’s attention in order to snap the perfect picture. The self timer function of the original DualView cameras perfected the group shot because it displayed a preview of the image and a visual countdown timer in the front LCD screen, giving everyone in front of the camera an indication of exactly when the photo would be taken. Taking the self-timer to a new level, the new Samsung TL210 now extends that same functionality when recording video, so that the entire group will know exactly when the camera is rolling. When it comes to capturing the perfect shot, the Samsung DualView TL210 includes the popular Smile Shot feature, which will automatically trigger the camera to take a photo when a smile is detected, but the addition of Couple Shot allows users to set the camera to snap a picture when the subjects in the frame tilt their heads toward one another.

Samsung TL210 camera features a dual image stabilizer
The new Samsung TL210 DualView camera comes fully equipped with a true color-filtered 12.4 megapixel CCD, providing sharp and detailed images. Whether taking pictures indoors or out, shooting a landscape or friends around a table, the TL210’s 5x optical zoom, 27mm-wide angle lens gives you a wider shooting range from a shorter distance. The Samsung TL210 is also paired with Samsung’s Advanced Dual Image Stabilization (IS) technology to help consumers capture crystal clear, blur-free images. The Samsung TL210’s true Dual IS combines both Optical and Digital Image stabilizers to produce sharp images without the confusion commonly found in other cameras. The Optical IS intelligently compensates for hand trembling by shifting the lens in the opposite direction. When Optical IS isn’t quite enough, the Digital IS automatically takes over to ensure blur-free images. The Samsung TL210 features a large 3.0-inch rear LCD.

Samsung TL210

Samsung TL210 boasts advanced scene recognition
The Samsung TL210 camera features advanced scene recognition technology, Smart Auto (Still & Movie of TL210), which has been upgraded for use with video as well as with still images. Designed to simplify the way consumers take a photograph, Smart Auto (Still & Movie) ensures that users never have to worry about their photos being washed out, too dark or out of focus. Smart Auto (Still & Movie) analyzes key elements of the composition of the image such as color, brightness, motion and subject and then selects the appropriate scene mode which will produce the best results possible. Similar to the way the technology analyzes the composition of an image when capturing digital stills, the technology will do the same for video, automatically choosing between one of four pre-programmed settings and selecting that which will yield the best footage with proper exposure and color balance.

Samsung TL210 digital camera equipped with Perfect Portait
The Samsung DualView TL210 also features Samsung’s Perfect Portrait System - a series of automatic technologies which take the guess work out of shooting beautiful portraits. Key features of this system are Samsung’s Smile Shot, Blink Detection, Red-eye Fix, and Beauty Shot technologies which allow consumers to capture their subjects looking their best.

Samsung TL210

Samsung TL210 slanted design
The Samsung TL210 also features a slanted design, which places the back of the camera at a seven degree angle. This subtle design accent provides users with further options for taking impressive self-portraits and group shots. The issue that many consumers face when taking self-portraits or group shots with traditional digital cameras is the camera must be positioned much higher than the subjects in order to capture the complete image. Thanks to the seven degree angling of the TL210, the lens will always be pointed at the subjects’ faces even if the camera is positioned at a lower angle.

Samsung TL210 features an elegant Touch of Color design
The new Samsung’s DualView TL210 boasts the company’s elegant Touch of Color (ToC) finish. First introduced in Samsung’s line of flat panel HDTVs in 2008 and brought to digital imaging in 2009 with the SMX-C14 and SMX-C10 camcorders, the ToC design incorporates a hint of color which is naturally blended into the deep black body of the cameras for an attractive crystalline appearance, making the new TL210 as stylish as it is advanced. The Samsung TL210 Dualview digital camera will be available from March 2010.

Samsung TL210

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