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Sony CyberShot DSC-HX5

Ilse Jurrien
CES report
Saturday 9th, January 2010
Posted by: Ilse Jurrien

Sony introduces its sprint line-up of CyberShot digital cameras. A total of twelve new digital cameras from Sony make it easier than ever to grab great-looking photos that really stand out from the crowd. The Sony CyberShot HX5 digital camera bursts advanced optical technologies and fun-to-use features that helps you capture, share and enjoy a lifetime of precious moments. Inside its compact, purposefully styled new body, the Sony Cyber-shot HX5 houses an incredible wealth of cutting-edge imaging innovation by Sony. With twice the sensitivity of conventional sensors, the advanced Exmor R CMOS sensor assures beautifully detailed, low-noise images, even when you’re shooting in low light.

Sony CyberShot HX5

Sony CyberShot HX5 offers a 10x optical zoom
It’s a perfect complement for the premium G Lens by Sony with powerful 10x optical zoom. Covering a generous 25-250mm range (35mm equivalent) within a compact body, the high-zoom lens is ideal for any shooting situation from wide-angle landscapes and group shots to dramatic close-ups.

10.1 megapixel Sony CyberShot DSC-HX5 digital camera
Left your camcorder behind? No problem: as well as brilliant 10.1 megapixel stills, the Sony HX5 captures smooth, brilliantly detailed Full HD video clips for easy sharing. Just touch a button and start recording crisp 1920 x 1080i video footage using the highly efficient AVCHD format. After shooting, connect the Sony CyberShot DSC-HX5 to your BRAVIA TV and enjoy the show. Alternatively, slip the camera’s Memory Stick into the optional DVDirect MC6: you don’t need a PC to burn HD footage onto a DVD to enjoy on your PS3 or Blu-ray Disc player.

Sony CyberShot HX5

Sony DSC-HX5 camera records HD video
Optical SteadyShot with new Active Mode cuts camera-shake while you’re shooting handheld HD video. Providing up to 10x more shake correction than conventional cameras, Active Mode gives the clearest, steadiest handheld clips yet - even while you’re walking along. In a world first, Intelligent Sweep Panorama enhances the unique feature first introduced on last year’s Sony CyberShot HX1, TX1 and WX1 models. It’s now easier than ever to create seamless extra-wide angle views, even with moving objects. The camera detects if people or other objects are moving in your field of view as you sweep the camera, using powerful new algorithms to compensate for any mis-matching as images are automatically stitched together.

Sony HX5 integrates GPS and Compass function
The Sony DSC-HX5 is also the world’s first camera that integrates GPS and Compass functions to enhance your enjoyment of travel photography. Your location is displayed in real time on the large 7.6cm (3”) Clear Photo LCD screen as you’re shooting. When you’re back home, see where geotagged images and video clips were shot as on-line maps with supplied Picture Motion Browser PC software. As an extra refinement, a new Compass function shows which direction you were pointing when the picture was taken.

Sony Cyber-Shot HX5 features HDR backlight correction
Making its CyberShot debut, HDR (High Dynamic Range) Backlight Correction produces natural, balanced results with high contrast and strongly backlit scenes - a tough test for any camera. The Sony CyberShot HX5 automatically shoots two frames of the same scene in quick succession, with exposure values optimised for highlights and lowlights respectively. Powerful algorithms then combine the two frames, producing a single, detail-packed HDR image with bright, evenly-exposed highlights and deep shadow detail.

Sony CyberShot HX5

Sony CyberShot HX5 incorporates a portrait shooting mode
A brand new Portrait shooting mode takes the guesswork out of grabbing beautifully-framed self portraits when you can’t see the LCD screen. Just hold the camera at arm’s length and press the shutter button. Using Face Detection, CyberShot detects when you’re framed correctly and fires the shutter automatically. There’s also a 2-person setting that ensures you and a friend are both in shot before firing the shutter.

Sony HX5 features Picture Motion Browser software
The new Sony Cyber-shot HX5 features in-built Picture Motion Browser (PMB) Portable software. Just connect the camera via USB to any Internet-ready PC: with just a few clicks it’s easy to upload pictures and video clips directly from Cyber-shot to your favourite image and video sharing sites on the web. A slot for Memory Stick PRO Duo and SD/SDHC memory cards (sold separately) is offered to suit users’ personal shooting preferences.

Sony Cyber-shot HX5 features
• Imaging innovation with Exmor R CMOS Sensor
• G lens with 25mm wide angle and 10x optical zoom
• Intelligent Sweep Panorama
• AVCHD 1080i Full HD movie
• GPS and Compass
• Optical SteadyShot Active Mode; Auto HDR

Sony CyberShot HX5

Sony CyberShot DSC-HX5 accessories
There’s a full range of official accessories by Sony to help you get the best from your Cyber-shot. You’ll never miss another shooting opportunity with the latest generation of InfoLITHIUM rechargeable batteries for Cyber-shot. An enhanced new design ensures super-long shooting plus rapid charging in a slim, light, space-saving profile.

Sony CyberShot digital camera line-up
The new Cyber-shot digital still camera line-up is available from end of January 2010:
• Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5
• Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W390, W380, W370, W360, W350, W330, W320, W310
• Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7
• Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S2100, S2000

Sony CyberShot HX5

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