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New LG smartphones

Mark Peters
CES report
Tuesday 12th, January 2010
Posted by: Mark Peters

LG is showcasing the latest in mobile phone innovations at the 2010 CES, marked by many firsts for the company with the introduction of its first netbook and the first handset in North America to feature a 1 GHz processor, as well as the LG mobile projector, the first integrated attachable projector in the United States. Continuing to develop products that push technological limits, LG mMobile Phones introduces music phones that bring a dramatically richer listening experience, texting devices featuring newly designed QWERTY keyboards and touch screens with improved recognition to its 2010 line-up.

LG smartphones

LG smartphone receives CES innovation Award
LG Mobile Phones has been honored with a 2010 "CES Innovations" Award for LG eXpo, which is the first smartphone to offer an innovative fingerprint sensor for 5-way navigation and added security, boasts a 1 GHz processor and Windows Mobile 6.5, while also being the first smartphone to feature an attachable projector that allows users to project images, videos and more on a screen up to 40 inches. "LG continues to set the pace in the consumer category through exciting new technologies," said Ehtisham Rabbani, vice president of marketing and innovation, LG Mobile Phones. "Building on our success as the industry leader in texting devices, we believe 2010 will be another standout year for us across the mobile phone category."

LG eXpo smartphone features an integrated projector
The first smartphone in North America to feature a 1 GHz processor, LG eXpo is also the first device in the United States to support an optional integrated projector. The LG Mobile Projector snaps onto the back of the device and allows users to share presentations, slideshows and even online videos straight from their mobile phone. LG eXpo smartphone also eliminates the need for pin codes and passwords with the exclusive "Smart Sensor" fingerprint recognition from AuthenTec, which complements the touchscreen user interface of LG eXpo by also providing precise cursor control for text editing, 4-way menu navigation, and AuthenTec's unique turbo-scroll feature for rapid browsing of long emails, contact lists or Websites. LG eXpo is loaded with Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional to help power users stay more connected with email, calendar and Microsoft Office Mobile.

LG Shine II smartphone with stainless steel slide design
LG Shine II offers the latest in mobile innovation and form factor in one luminous device. Featuring polished round edges and an elegant slider design, LG Shine II smartphone brings sophistication into the palm of your hand with its stainless steel construction and streamlined shape. Boasting a mesmerizing 2.2" wide mirror LCD, users can download and watch their favorite videos with flawless Java 2.0 support. LG Shine 2 also delivers a sleek music player with customizable equalizer, music recognition and ringtone creator, and direct-to-device music download capabilities. LG Shine II smartphone allows users to seamlessly transition between data and call functions while staying connected through e-mail, text, picture and instant messaging. Equipped with a 2.0 megapixel camera with flash and video recording, additional of the LG Shine 2 phone features include an image editor that allows users to resize, crop, rotate, color adjust photos, insert fun frames and produce mirror effects.

LG smartphones

LG Xenon smartphone offers a 2.8" full-touch display
The LG Xenon offers the latest in mobile innovations, boasting a sleek, tactile screen with easy access to cutting edge wireless technology features. Its large 2.8" full-touch display with vibration feedback, and enhanced flash user interface, makes menus, shortcuts and special contacts available at your fingertips. The widgets-based full-touch home screen is both customizable and intuitive, including a favorites contact screen which offers users three panels with which to categorize their picture contacts for quick and easy messaging and calling access. With LG Xenon's compact, slide out 4-Line QWERTY keyboard and quick access keys, users can more easily text message, instant message, email, place calls and access the Internet. To help users keep track of their text messaging conversations, LG has also integrated threaded conversation technology. For serious multi-taskers, LG Xenon smartphone allows users to quickly and easily switch between calls and other functions such as the music player or Internet.

LG Chocolate Touch smartphone equipped with Dolby Mobile
Equipped with patented Dolby Mobile, the Chocolate Touch brings a dramatically richer listening experience with its potent bass and sparkling clarity. LG Chocolate Touch is a robust music player including an FM radio with 12 presets, integrated song ID, and a dedicated side key for easy access to favorite songs. Housed in a sleek, compact and stylish multi-featured touch screen phone, with a with a rounded shape, mirrored LCD screen, and metallic finish, the Bluetooth-enabled LG Chocolate Touch offers discerning music lovers myriad ways to listen to their favorite tunes. LG Chocolate Touch smartphone also boasts a 3.2 megapixel camera and camcorder. Camera features include five different resolutions; zoom up to 1.6x, intelligent shot for improved image quality, panorama for 3 guided sequential shots, a facial makeover that removes blemishes and enhances features, an image editor with zoom, rotate, crop, added frames, stamps, and the ability to write over images. Users can customize brightness, white balance, shutter sounds, color effects, and use a self timer.

LG enV Touch smartphone brings a true multimedia experience
A true multimedia messaging powerhouse, LG enV Touch boasts a variety of features. Its bright, external touch screen measures an impressive three inches and features state-of-the-art tactile feedback. The full-size QWERTY keyboard, with widely spaced keys, accommodates the texting needs of the most demanding executives with the Text Instant Reply feature that can automatically start a reply message when you read a message. Users are able to read documents from any microSD card in several file formats including .doc, .xls, .ppt, and .pdf. Revolutionary Dolby Mobile sound brings a deep, rich and engaging listening experience that will be music to user's ears. Camera and video capabilities are also extraordinary with a 3.2 megapixel camera with built-in flash featuring Intelligent Shot and Facial Makeover to improve the image quality. Other robust features include Bluetooth stereo capability, and HTML multi-page Web browsing.

LG smartphones

LG enV3 messaging smartphone
The ultimate text messaging phone, LG enV3 is a slim and feature-packed handset that boasts a full, compact QWERTY keyboard and a 2.6"internal screen for unsurpassed messaging speed and convenience. The 3.0 megapixel camera & camcorder with flash offers a variety of features including Smile Shot which automatically takes a picture when a smile is detected, an Image Editor that allows users to zoom, rotate, crop, add frames, effects, stamps and enhance facial features and Panorama which take up to 5 guided shots in a row for a wide area view. With Bluetooth stereo capabilities, a music player, and a Favorites key that enables users to connect with their ten most frequent contacts in a flash, LG enV3 is the ultimate handset for messaging enthusiasts who love sharing special moments with their friends and family.

LG Bliss smartphone features many internet functions
LG Bliss is a full touch screen device with a full QWERTY onscreen keyboard, great for emails and texting. Offering the perfect package, LG Bliss includes a full HTML Browser, an E-mail Client with new message notifications. The animated screen allows customers to navigate between four customizable home screens making it easier to stay connected with friends. LG Bliss smartphone includes Your Navigator, an application that provides all the features of an advanced car navigation system on a wireless phone. The full music player offers features like background music mode, which allows multitasking while listening to music in the background using Stereo Sound via headset and Bluetooth wireless technology. Customers can also create and manage playlists, and import playlist files in MP3 format on to a microSD card. With 16GB support, it's a great way to expand memory for more music, pictures and videos

LG Tritan smartphone equipped with 3" touchscreen
LG Tritan is perfect for customers wanting the flexibility of an advanced touch-screen interface combined with a full QWERTY keyboard. The 3" touchscreen features a full Internet browser and easy-to-dial virtual keypad with voice recognition and voice-activated dialing. Designed as a side slide QWERTY, LG Tritan smartphone fits neatly in palm of the hand, allowing customers to take advantage of the handset's text, picture and video messaging capabilities. Whether capturing vacation adventures or making a trip to the local ballpark, the 3 MP camera provides crisp images with the auto-focus and zoom lens.

LG Lyric stylish smartphone with many voice features
With a sporty design and textured backplate that feels good in the hand and ensures a secure grip, LG Lyric is a stylish phone with a variety of features. One-touch speakerphone, voice activated dialing and Bluetooth support make communication easy while text, picture, video messaging, and IM allows users to stay connected with friends and family. For entertainment, LG Lyric smartphone boasts a music player with 16GB support and multitasking capabilities which allow users to listen to music in the background while using various functions. A 2.0 megapixel camera with an Image Editor allows users to zoom, rotate, flip, copy, create fun frames, image effects, and use night mode while Multi Shot Mode can take up to 6 consecutive shots.

LG smartphones

LG HELiX entry-level smartphone
LG HELiX features a large 176x220 2.0" TFT 262K internal color display and a 96x64 TFT 262K external color display. Customers can dial quickly on its large keypad and increase the font size for a fast and easy read. The 1.3 mega pixel camera allows customers to take pictures of friends and family and assign picture IDs to easily identify incoming calls. Voice Clarity improves speech intelligibility and automatically adjusts hearing level when a user is receiving or sending calls in noisy environments while Bluetooth technology, one-touch speakerphone, and speaker-independent voice commands make it easy to stay in touch with contacts while on-the-go. LG HELiX smartphone will be available in two colors: a traditional silver color for those who like a more conventional color and for the first time at Cricket, a fun and fashionable pink for those who wish to show off a little.

LG X120 Netbook
The first of its kind from LG and weighing only 2.8lbs, the slim and stylish LG X120 netbook provides the computing power of a laptop with the freedom of a mobile device. Equipped with an innovative Smart On interface that loads in seconds, the LG netbook connects to the Web and photos, instant messaging and MP3 player with just the touch of a button. The LG X120 netbook also features 1GB RAM and 160GB hard drive that offers users ultimate storage space for music, photos and gaming while a generous 10.1" screen with crystal clear LED backlighting creates a viewing experience perfect for watching videos and reading e-mails while on the run. A built-in 1.3 megapixel camera and HD stereo speakers provide clear, more precise video chatting and conferencing with friends and colleagues.

LG HBM-570 headset accessory
The innovative LG HBM-570 headset gives users a clear and consistent communication experience boasting unique features like Name Alert which clearly announces incoming callers so users will always know who is calling them without having to look at their cell phone. The compact, easy to use device allows users to flawlessly reject calls; place calls on hold, use call waiting, auto reconnect and easily redial the last number with auto-reconnect and voice dial. Clear Constant Communication, a unique feature of DSP noise-reduction and echo-cancellation, provides the LG HBM-570 headset with crystal clear sound with less interference than other headsets while the Dual-Mic Audio solution is supported by a dual built-in microphone that helps suppress and filter background noise for clearer sound. The dedicated power button helps conserve battery power by making it quick and easy to turn off the headset. The sophisticated design combines beautiful transparent and metallic pieces, features a detachable ear loop, three extra ear buds, a beautiful LED and is offered in a variety of colors including silver, pink, purple and dark blue.

LG MSB-200 Bluetooth stereo accessory
The all new LG MSB-200 is the latest addition to the LG line of Bluetooth stereo accessories. Equipped with Bluetooth version 2.1, this portable speaker provides excellent wireless stereo sound in a compact form, measuring in at only 220 x 80 x 88 (mm). Its slender, innovative design makes it an eye catching accessory, with a swivel style allowing multiple standing options. The LG MSB-200 comes equipped with music and volume controls, and a dedicated power button. With a music play time of four hours and standby time of 1,100 hours, almost forty-five days, the LG MSB-200 is sure to impress all music lovers.

LG smartphones

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