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HTC Smartphone review

Mark Peters
CES report
Thursday 30th, December 2010
Posted by: Mark Peters

HTC Desire HD Smartphone review - The HTC Desire HD Smartphone comes in a slim packaging with a large image of the phone itself on the front. As soon as we open the packaging, the HTC Desire HD can be picked up immediately. The HTC Desire HD Smartphone looks impressive, it is big but it also has a very sleek design. The front of the phone has a large touchscreen of 4.3 inches, with a few touch keys underneath it. The back of the HTC Desire HD Smartphone is made out of one piece, just like the HTC Legend, although it does have a couple of flaps and a cut-away near the flash made of a different material which makes the HTC mobile phone look a bit rough.

HTC Smartphone review

HTC Desire HD Smartphone review
The HTC Desire HD cell phone is sturdy in terms of format, it is fairly easy to handle, but you should not have small hands, in any case. The positive side is of course the enormous screen. Next to the HTC Desire HD itself, the packaging contains a charger, a data cable, a headset and the instruction booklets. The HTC menu structure in the Android phones is already familiar to us. About seven start screens can be filled with all kinds of Widgets and quick links. Pushing the Home-key on the bottom takes you to the first start screen, and then after that you push it again to get an overview of all the start screens so that you can easily switch to the desired screen. At the bottom of all start screens the menu key is found, which can be moved up or clicked on in order to get to the menu.

HTC Smartphone review

HTC Smartphone review
The HTC Desire HD Smartphone has an 8.0 megapixel digital camera. You can always capture moments on the go and easily share them with all your friends. Starting up the digital camera application can be done with the camera option in the menu and if it is used often, a quick link can be placed on a start screen. The camera application starts up fairly quickly so that you can start shooting almost right away. Of course the large, clear screen is outstandingly suitable for shooting photos.

HTC Smartphone review

HTC Desire HD Smartphone review conclusion
The HTC Desire HD is the top phone in HTCs Desire Series. It is an interesting series that offers everything that the user could desire, especially thanks to the HTC Sense additions. The HTC Desire HDs enormous screen gives a perfect display for multimedia applications. The Android Software Market ensures that you can get even more out of your cell phone. The 8.0 megapixel digital camera makes it possible to always take very nice photos. It is especially nice to display the photos on the phone itself. The different Google products of course come pre-installed. Read the full HTC Desire HD review at LetsGoMobile magazine.

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