LetsGoDigital - CES 2003 - Show Report - Hitachi announces a new Microdrive with 4GB capacity!
Hitachi announces a new Microdrive with 4GB capacity!
The new Microdrive with a record capacity of 4GB have to be available around the fall of 2003. Hitachi Global Storage Technologies today announced their plans to get 4GB of capacity onto a 1-inch Microdrive. The new Microdrive will use all kinds of new technology in order to achieve such a large capacity. The new drive will get a new read-write head with only half the size of the head that is used in the 1GB Microdrive. It is not only the size that matters, but is has also resulted in a 40-percent decrease in the height at which the head travels above the disk platter.
Due to a new technology called Pixie Dust Media Technology it has been possible to breakthrough the data storage limits and a 4GB capacity is the first result of what we can expect to see in future. Other important improvements are a data transfer rate that represents a 50 percent improvement from the previous-generation Microdrive. According to Hitachi engineers the new data transfer rates are faster than all competitive solid-state data storage products available today.
The new 4GB Microdrive is designed to the CompactFlash type II industry standard. Pricing will be announced later this year
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