LetsGoDigital - CES 2003 - Show Report - Lexar Media announces new line of Memory Stick PRO cards
Lexar Media announces new line of Memory Stick PRO cards
Lexar Media, Inc. today announced plans to manufacture and distribute Memory Stick PRO. The new media format offers high capacities and advanced performance, and is designed for use in Memory Stick PRO compatible host devices. The Memory Stick PRO, when produced by Lexar Media, will integrate the company's proprietary controller technology to achieve advanced speed performance.
Lexar Media plans to begin shipments of Memory Stick PRO this spring, in time for the future launch of Memory Stick PRO compatible products. Lexar Media Memory Stick PRO media will be available in capacities of 256MB, 512MB and 1GB.
Memory Stick PRO format will be equipped with MagicGate(tm), a copyright protection technology that consists of authentication and encryption technologies. The authentication technology ensures that protected content is only transferred between compliant devices and media, and that protected content is recorded and transferred in an encrypted format to prevent unauthorized copying or playback. The Memory Stick PRO format also provides a unique personal data protection technology for removable media that allows users to securely and easily control access to their personal information stored on a Memory Stick PRO media.
Sony introduced Memory Stick in September of 1998. In April 2000, Lexar Media and Sony signed a joint technology agreement that included rights for Lexar Media to manufacture and market Memory Stick. Lexar Media is currently developing and integrating its proprietary controller technology into Memory Stick PRO.
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