LetsGoDigital - CES 2003 - Show Report - Olympus introduces the Mju 300 Digital and the Mju 400 Digital
Olympus introduces the Mju 300 Digital and the Mju 400 Digital
The worlds best selling camera goes digital! According to Olympus it was only a matter of time when the best selling camera series turned into a digitale one. The CES 2003 show in Las Vegas is the period for Olympus to introduce their new Mju 300 Digital and the Mju 400 Digital. Both new cameras are an excellent example of the Mju style. The stylish, metal housing and the very compact size of the camera makes from the new Digital Mju series a perfect camera to take it to every location. Even beach locations, because the Digital Mju is the first digital camera that has an all-weather, metal house. With the new Mju digital camera you can make an image on almost every location, weather there is rain or sunshine. Both cameras are equipped with the latest optical innovations, the Mju 300 has a 3 Megapixel CCD and the Mju 400 a 4 Megapixel CCD. Both of the new cameras are using an xD Picture card to store the images.
Back in 1991, the first Mju camera was a real sensation. Even now, ten years later, the Mju series is the best selling series of the world, more than 22 million cameras have being sold and now with the Digital Mju cameras Olympus is hoping to maintain this success.
Both cameras are using an f3 bright lens and are equipped with a 3x optical zoom lens that is equivalent to 35-105mm lens with a 35mm camera. On the back of the camera we find a 38mm LCD display with a resolution of 134,000 pixels. The Digital Mju camera has a whole lot of automatic functions like TTL- Autofocus and Digital ESP (Electro Selective Pattern) which give the user the best result with a minimal of energy. The camera has a built-in program setting where you can select 5 programs like portrait, self-portrait, nightscene, landscape and night-landscape. There is an automatic white balance and a selectable white balance with 4 settings. More specifications are macro mode, panorama mode, double-shot (2-in-1), series, USB and Video interface and a built-in flash with red eye reduction.
Both of the new Digital Mju cameras are supporting Exif 2.2 and Print Image Matching II (P.I.M II). The Mju 300 and Mju 400 Digital are using an xD Picture card to store the images. These cards have high-speed data transfers and are for now available in 16, 32, 64 and 128MB capacities, but will be soon available in a 256MB capacity. The small size of this card is one of the reasons that the new Mju Digital cameras could be built in a very compact way. The ultra compact Lithium Ion battery is charged in two hours.
The new Olympus Digital Mju digital cameras will be available around April 2003 (Netherlands), pricing is not known at this moment.
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