LetsGoDigital - CES 2003 - Show Report - SanDisk introduces an easy-to-use Digital Photo Viewer
SanDisk introduces an easy-to-use Digital Photo Viewer
During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas SanDisk introduced the Digital Photo Viewer. This viewer will make it possible to view photos that are taken with a digital camera on a television screen in a fast and very easy to install way. Digital Photographers can instantly view and share their "frozen" moments with family and friends without having the need of a computer.
The SanDisk DPV (Digital Photo Viewer) allows digital photographers to view their images taken with a digital camera directly on a big screen. The storage card can be removed from their digital camera, plug into the photo viewer and instantly view the images on their television. The SanDisk DPV has several media slots that are compatible with the most popular storage cards including CompactFlash, MultiMedia, Secure Digital, SmartMedia and MemoryStick. The Photo Viewer is very compact, slightly smaller than a VHS cassette and will be easy to attach to most televisions or projectors. The DPV comes with a remote control included to provide viewing multiple images in preview mode, delete, rotate and zoom functions. It also provides the setup for a customized slide show of digital images stored on the card.
With the introduction of this new unit SanDisk expands the number of options that are available to consumers that are willing to share and view their digital images with their family and friends. While digital photos are easy to view on computers and laptop computers, many more households have a television than a computer or an Internet connection. The SanDisk Digital Photo Viewer brings back the sharing of moments with family and friends to the family room.
The new SanDisk Digital Photo Viewer supports JPEG files, which are the most common form of file format used by almost every digital camera. The resolution of a JPEG file can up to 6 Megapixels. For easy use, the viewer can display multiple languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese) and can switch between PAL and NTSC formats. The SanDisk DPV includes a tow-year warranty and will have a suggested retail price of $79, -. It will be available in mid-February in many on the 50,000 retail stores worldwide that carry SanDisk branded products.
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