EPSON USA launches TV with Photo on Demand - CES 2004
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EPSON USA launches TV with Photo on Demand
Well, who would have thought of that?! EPSON America enters the television market! We already have Sony with their televisions with integrated Memory Stick reader, but EPSON goes way further with the integration of digital imaging into a television. EPSON introduces two EPSON Livingstation HDTV LCD projection televisions, the EPSON Livingstation LS47P1 and EPSON Livingstation LS57P1. These two new products enable users to view their favourite movies onscreen sizes of 47 or 57 inches, and also let users enjoy EPSON's Photo On Demand technology. This new technology enables consumers to view, print and store their digital photos directly from the TV without the need for a PC. Slots for popular memory cards, including SD memory card/Multimedia Card, Memory Stick, CompactFlash and SmartMedia enable users to quickly and easily view their digital photos. A very quiet, built-in dye sublimation photo quality printer produces borderless 4"x6" prints. Archiving is made simple with the included CD-R/RW drive. Photo On Demand enables users to enjoy and manage their digital photos from the living room, making digital photography a social experience.
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Home entertainment enthusiasts can take advantage of superior image quality and true digital output with its 720dpi resolution, thanks to Epson's patented LCD technology. Additionally, with Epson's proprietary Photo On Demand capability, users can now view, print and store their digital photos from an easy-to-use universal remote control.
Epson is a recognized industry leader in LCD technology and the Living-station capitalizes on this expertise and delivers a dramatic and vivid cinematic experience to the consumer in two screen sizes, 47 and 57 inches. With three LCD panels, 1280x720 native resolutions and a 16:9 native aspect ratio, the Livingstation's wide screen produces unparalleled image quality. Additionally, the Livingstation has one of the thinnest profiles of any rear projection television currently available, measuring only 14.9 inches deep for the 47-inch model and 16.3" deep for the 57" model.
Thanks to the wide range of connectivity options, the Livingstation products support numerous devices including DVI based set-top boxes, progressive scan DVD players, HDTV tuners, camcorders, video games, and even PCs. Its picture-on-picture feature gives viewers options for viewing their favourite programs, while the channel zapping feature enables them to see seven smaller windows simultaneously to explore many programs as still pictures. The Livingstation also incorporates a "Freeze Image" feature that allows users to freeze video, live TV or other digital images and then print them from the built-in printer. Unlike most LCD and DLP projection televisions currently on the market, the lamp can be conveniently replaced by the user from the front.
Shipping in March 2004, the estimated retail prices for the 47- and 57-inch models are $3,499 and $3,999, respectively.