Lexar Platinum 2 memory cards - CES 2006
CES 2006
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Lexar Platinum 2 memory cards
Lexar Media will showcase its new Platinum 2 offering, an enhanced version of the company's Platinum line of flash memory cards, at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Lexar's new Platinum 2 memory cards provide photographers with performance levels capable of sustained rapid-fire shooting and full motion video, two of the most popular and sought after features in digital cameras. The Lexar Media Platinum 2 CompactFlash memory card is speed-rated at 80X, capable of a minimum sustained write speed of 12MBs p/sec, while the Platinum 2 Secure Digital memory card is speed-rated at 60X, capable of a minimum sustained write speed of 9MBs p/sec.
Lexar Platinum 2 memory cards
Lexar Platinum 2 - Flash memory - "With Platinum 2, consumers can confidently choose from a practical line of memory cards that will allow them to take advantage of the advanced features in their digital camera," said Jim Gustke, vice president and general manager of memory cards at Lexar. "A minimum sustained speed-rating is a measurement of how quickly content can be written to the card. By speed-rating our Platinum 2 line of cards, and performance testing each before they ship, we're providing a higher level of confidence to the consumer during the flash memory buying process."
Lexar Media Platinum 2 card - Performance - "The significant performance enhancement of our Platinum II flash memory cards directly addresses the growing number of consumers who demand high-speed cards for high-speed applications. Also, Lexar Platinum 2 cards satisfy the needs of retailers who want to offer their customers high-performance cards that work best with their digital camera," he added. The Lexar Platinum 2 line also includes popular Memory Stick Pro and Memory Stick Pro Duo flash memory cards.
Lexar Platinum 2 flash memory - High speed recording - In addition to a significant performance enhancement, the Platinum 2 cards are now available in newly designed packaging intended to be easily identifiable in retail stores. The new packaging is aligned with Lexar's Professional line of memory cards and accessories, and clearly communicates flash memory card format, capacity and speed. "Rapid-fire shooting and video capture are two features that continue to move up the consumer photography priority list," said Ed Lee, digital imaging analyst, InfoTrends/CAP Ventures. "High-speed cards, including those within Lexar's Platinum 2 line, are ideal for in-camera applications that require the user to write captured information to his or her card without interruption."
Lexar Platinum II flash card - Digital camera accessory - Lexar Platinum 2 flash memory cards are currently available at a wide variety of photo-specialty and consumer electronic retail stores, and through a variety of online resellers. More information on Lexar's photography products can be found at the Lexar Media website. The full line of Lexar Platinum 2 flash memory cards will be shown in Lexar's booth at Consumer Electronics Show 2006.
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