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X-Micro 400 Video MP3 review
X-Micro, manufacturer from Taiwan, has sent us an ultra compact MP3 player. Normally this is not really our thing, although I am always amazed about the innovative developing technologies. Those of you who can remember the first Walkmans will still remember the change in every day's life. That is to say, fashion styled and music fans were no longer walking around without a headphone. Till today the ability to carry your own personal music with you, always and everywhere is the strongest concept of the last decades. Today, tape, MiniDisc or even mini CD are not the hot products they used to be. Flash is the key product, and this is also the case with the new X-Micro Video MP3 player. Our version contains 1GB memory capacity. The data transfer happens via the integrated USB 2.0 Full speed interface. Its dimensions are small (29.8 x 96.2 x 29.8mm), although not the smallest among today's MP3 players. With this compact size and weight of only 40 g the X-Micro Video MP3 player is easy to carry around with you.
Video MP3 player
X-Micro Video MP3 player - Ok, but what about the word 'Video' in the name of the X-Micro player? Surprise, it features a tiny OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) full-colour display with a resolution of 96 x 64 pixels. This integrated display lets you view music videos or digital photos. OLED technology was invented by Eastman Kodak in the early 1980s. Organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology uses substances that emit red, green, blue or white light. Without any other source of illumination, OLED materials present bright, clear video and images that are easy to see at almost any angle. Of course don't expect to view your high quality images at their best quality, but it is a nice extra gadget feature. Selecting the JPEG mode in the menu of the Video MP3 Player you can select the photos by pressing the + and - and you'll be able viewing them by choice. The total storage capacity is 1GB which gives you the possibility of recoding your favourite video, photo or voice message.
X-Micro 400 player
X-Micro 400 player - X-Micro is packing their products in hard to open boxes. It is not an easy job to unpack the hard plastic shell, but using some force and a razor sharp knife you will manage to do so. The box contains the X-Micro Video MP3 400 player, ear headphone, USB cable, installation CD-ROM with Video conversion software and a small instruction manual. The menu of the little MP3 player is easy to access and has a multi-lingual feature. Although I haven't checked the other languages I feel that you're best off sticking with the English version and when I choose Dutch I see an awful translation of the menu. To be honest, I don't understand one single word that has been translated for some of the settings. Time for a firmware upgrade?
X-Micro Software
X-Micro Video MP3 specifications
- LCD display: 96 x 64 pixels - OLED full-colour
- Internal memory up to 1GB
- Voice Recording: WAV/ACT
- FM Radio: 76MHz-108MHz
- Files support: Video: MTV, Music: MP3/WMA, Picture: JPG/BMP
- Signal to Noise Ratio: > 80dB
- Interface: USB 2.0 full-speed
- Power: 1x AA format battery
- OS support: Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP
- Language support: English German French Dutch Italian Spanish Portuguese Russian
- Danish Swedish Norwegian Hungarian/Traditional Chinese English.
X-Micro 400 review
X-Micro 400 review - When I pick up the X-Micro MP3 player I notice a multi-controller below the display. This controller enables you to navigate through the menu, select a setting and confirm it by clicking the stick in the middle of the controller. One side of the Video player contains 3 buttons, a recording button, a sound effects button and a multi-functional button for activating settings like play, pause and stop. Turning the MP3 player around we see one silver button to lock or unlock the rest of the buttons. The black round disc with the word USB hides the interface to hook up with a computer or notebook. The interface is a standard micro-USB type adapter providing Full speed USB 2.0 transfer rates. X-Micro is providing a long cable to connect the device to your notebook, etc. Although there is a connection on top of the MP3 player to connect it to a belt and wear it around your neck, there is no such thing provided by X-Micro.
X-Micro 400 USB
X-Micro Video MP3 player - You can activate the X-Micro MP 400 by pushing the play button for longer than a second. The multi-controller works like the one you are used to when using a digital camera, push it left to right or to the top and below. Selecting one of the modes you'll see a pictogram explaining the mode on the tiny colour display. Just click on the joystick controller to activate the mode. Pushing the same joystick longer than a second brings you back to the main menu. The navigation is pretty straightforward, although you have to get used to the tiny, but colourful display. The various screens are pretty obvious to understand.
X-Micro Video MP3 player
AMV format - If you download your images from a computer to the device you can carry your favourites with you all the time. The same goes for your music and video. To play videos on the X-Micro Video MP3 you first need to convert them via the software that is supplied with the device. Your clips have to be converted to .AMV format. Never heard about it? Well according to Internet resources Anime Music Video (AMV) is a music video that consists of clips from one or more anime television or movie series set to a particular song. Just one of those formats, so get along, convert, play them and enjoy.
X-Micro 400 Video MP3 player
X-Micro 400 Video MP3 player - To use the X-Micro as an MP3 player is a logical thing to do and thanks to its easy operation and light weighted small dimensions you can carry it with you without any problem. The claim that it is worthy to add Video to its name I find a little over the top. The screen, although OLED and full-colour, is simply too small. Some photos, like portraits or single subjects are recognizable, but imagine a photo of a group of people or a wide landscape photo... these are hardly recognizable. Maybe X-Micro can put some effort into it and create a larger wide format screen in a new concept of Video MP3 player? The good thing is that it offers flexibility and 1GB of storage capacity. Listening to your own music, viewing favourite photos or video clips now and then is enjoyable. Especially thanks to its comfortable size. Add the FM radio functionality to it and you will have quite some all-round power in your hand. I would like to see the X-Micro as the compact MP3 player with a lot of extras on board raising it to a higher class compared to its competitors.
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