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Canon DW-100 DVD burner

Posted by: Ilse Jurrien Monday 7th, January 2008

Canon announces the Canon DW-100, a new standalone DVD burner that is compatible with its entire flash camcorder range - the HF10, HF100, FS11, FS10 and FS100 - and the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) HG10. Ideal for sharing and archiving movies, the Canon DW-100 allows users to burn AVCHD and Standard Definition movies to ordinary 12cm discs without the need for a computer. Effortlessly easy to use, it also doubles as an AVCHD disc player when connected to a compatible camcorder.

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Jasco Bluetooth headsets

Posted by: Mark Peters Monday 7th, January 2008

Jasco Products Company, GE licensee of consumer electronic accessories, computer accessories and home electric products, is exhibiting two new innovative Bluetooth headsets at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The GE Hands-Free Headset will be available with a one of a kind charging dock, the Wireless Portable Charger. This charger enables users to power up the headset while on the go. Listen and manage music while still taking hands-free calls with GE Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with Playback Controls. This headphone is a perfect accessory for cell phones, smart phones, and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

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iPod headphone JVC HA-FX34

Posted by: Mark Peters Sunday 6th, January 2008

JVC announced a comfortable in-ear canal headphone in seven colors to coordinate with the latest iPods. The JVC HA-FX34 Marshmallow has been designed with wearer comfort as a top priority. Super-soft earpieces in two sizes are supplied as standard, providing a snug fit for a wide range of users. While the earpieces provide a perfect fit for the ears, the range of seven body and cord colors complements perfectly Apple’s third-generation iPod nano and iPod shuffle models. Furthermore, the gold-plated connection plug is fully compatible with Apple’s iPhone, making the HA-FX34 an ideal choice for music on the go.

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JVC NX-PN7 dual iPod dock

Posted by: Ralf Jurrien Sunday 6th, January 2008

JVC announced the new NX-PN7, a dual iPod dock that holds two of the iPod players. The new dual dock is joined by another new JVC iPod dock, the RA-P31, a clock radio-style model. The new dual iPod dock JVC NX-PN7 accommodates two iPod players side-by side, charging them simultaneously and offering playback from each through the dock’s speaker system. Supplementing iPod playback is an AM/FM tuner, and adding to the unit’s versatility is a clock and timer. In addition, there’s an analog audio input for connecting other devices for playback.

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Parrot bluetooth products for Apple

Posted by: Mark Peters Saturday 5th, January 2008

At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) next week, Parrot, a leader in wireless peripherals around the mobile phone, will announce that Apple lovers can now seamlessly use Parrot’s range of wireless multimedia and car-kit products. Parrot will showcase these products at CES in South Hall booth #35838 and North Hall booth #6024. With the new Mac OS X Leopard operating system which now supports Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP), Mac users can wirelessly stream their music files via iTunes to any wireless speaker from the Parrot audio range. Apple lovers who want to make the most of their playlists can now forget about cables and enjoy their favorite tracks on high quality speakers such as the Parrot DS1120, a set of trendy stereo Bluetooth speakers with a 30W output and extraordinary sound quality.

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Hydrogen portable power generator

Posted by: Mark Peters Saturday 5th, January 2008

Millennium Cell Inc. and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies announced the completion of a pre-production version of the HydroPak portable power generator that incorporates a unique water-activated cartridge system. The HydroPak product combines Horizon's fuel cells with Millennium Cell's Hydrogen on Demand storage technology to offer a clean and quiet power generator for use by consumers and professionals for emergency and recreational purposes. This power source is a high energy alternative to lead acid battery packs and portable generators. The HydroPak system, together with each cartridge.

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PowerBuddy and SoundSender

Posted by: Ilse Jurrien Saturday 5th, January 2008

Voxred International will be launching two new products, the PowerBuddy and the SoundSender, at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 7-10 in booth 8559 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The PowerBuddy is a compact and lightweight rechargeable battery pack designed for cell phones, PDAs, the iPod, iPhone and portable gaming devices that uses self-contained 100% lithium ion batteries that can be re-charged at any wall outlet. The device features a folding hideaway plug without a bulky cord as well as built-in USB, cell phone and gaming ports. The PowerBuddy can charge up to two electronic devices simultaneously whether it's standing alone or plugged into a wall outlet.

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Xias digital photo frames

Posted by: Ilse Jurrien Saturday 5th, January 2008

Xias adds convenience and style to the way consumers display their digital photos with the latest additions to its line of elegant digital photo frames at 2008 CES. They are the Xias 8” and 10” Executive Digital Photo Frames with WiFi capabilities. All Xias digital photo frames are designed by an award winning international product design firm. “The new Xias PF-821WF and PF-1021WF digital photo frames with WiFi are a great way for people to share their digital photos,” remarked Rick Stans, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing of Norcent Technology, Inc., an authorized licensee of Xias products.

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Akey category at the CES 2012 show is accessories. Accessories are an important part of the electronic device industries where margins are pretty tide, so we will see at this Consumer Electronics Show multiple accessories for all kind of electronic devices. Both for private and corporate use the accessory manufacturers will present their latest (imaging) solutions to a wide audience. Popular devices like tablets are targeted with numerous accessory solutions, from budget to high-end and high quality ones. The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the place to be when you are looking for innovative or easy-to-use accessory products.


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