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Packard Bell Eclipse review

Posted by: Mark Peters Saturday 29th, December 2007

The Packard Bell Eclipse comes in a nice black box. Inside it, apart from the Eclipse MP4 player (black and grey), we found a neat case, headset for your ears with two extra sets of fittings, a USB / charge cable and a short manual. The Packard Bell Eclipse only weighs 45 grams and its dimensions are 92 x 49 x 10mm. The scratchproof TFT LCD QVGA colour monitor has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and its format is 2.2-inch. There are three buttons available on the front of the Eclipse for managing music, pictures and videos.

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Audio in today’s format can be enjoyed in many ways. At the Consumer Electronics Show we will experience audio in various exhibitions; from portable devices like tablets, MP3 players, iPod and smartphones, to high-end 3D Home Cinema sets and high-quality audio components. Recent years the electronic device industry changed the world of music completely. Thanks to download servers and services like Apple’s iTunes Store it has become very easy to enjoy music any time, any place. Mobile communication is one of the motors that have a big influence on the music industry. Sharing, wireless accessing and enjoying music via mobile phones play an important factor in today’s consumer experience. The CES Show 2012 will showcase the latest audio products and services.