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CES 2011

Dennis Hissink
CES report
Wednesday 15th, December 2010
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

Januari 6 will be the day the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show will open its doors for the attending public. The CES show will showcase numerous new products and services from manufacturers all over the World. Without doubt 2011 will be the year of the tablet. Apple’s launch of the iPad has left an undeniable print on the mobile computing space. After a decade with minimal success, a tablet computing device is (finally) garnering mass market appeal. There are many factors driving this trend - not least of which is timing. The global appeal of Apple’s iPad is simultaneously brazening others to enter the fold and compete for this quickly growing market.

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CES 2011

Digital cameras at CES 2010

Posted by: Ilse Jurrien Wednesday 20th, January 2010

The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES, has been held annually for over 40 years now. The first CES took place in New York City in 1967. This year's CES show has begun on January 7 and takes place in Las Vegas, as usual, where visitors are welcomed till January 10. The CES event appears to become more important every year. Although the digital camera has become quite common, the CES 2010 in Las Vegas shows that especially in this segment, where quality is an important factor for the user, a lot of innovation still takes place. During the upcoming days we will update the digital camera round-up list below, containing all new digital cameras announced during the CES 2010 show.

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2010 International CES

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Sunday 3rd, January 2010

A record number of new exhibitors - more than 330 companies - will join more than 2,500 exhibitors in unveiling their latest technology innovations at the 2010 International CES. With more than 20,000 new products on display, the 2010 International CES is the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow. CE Spotlights throughout the CES show floor will feature key market categories including apps, green technology, gaming, location based services and more. Owned and produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the 2010 International CES returns to Las Vegas, January 7-10, 2010.

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Pocket Radar at CES 2010

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Sunday 3rd, January 2010

Pocket Radar, the World's Only Pocket Sized Personal Speed Radar Set to Be Unveiled at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas! Selected as a 2010 Innovations Design and Engineering Award Honoree in the highly competitive personal electronics category, Pocket Radar’s sleek, compact, palm-sized, ultraportable design, combined with break-through speed radar technology and point-and-shoot functionality, provides users with extremely accurate, real-time speed measurements of moving objects with the touch of a button.

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CES 2009 Keynote

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Saturday 27th, December 2008

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced that Nokia President and CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo will deliver a keynote address at the Leaders in Technology Dinner (LIT), to be held at the 2009 International CES. Produced by CEA, the 2009 International CES, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, will return to Las Vegas, January 8-11, 2009. Kallasvuo’s address will kick off the annual Leaders in Technology Dinner, which honors the technologists, entrepreneurs and policymakers who drive innovation. The dinner is scheduled to take place at 6:30 p.m. Friday, January 9, 2009, at The Venetian.

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Digital Imaging Innovations at CES

Posted by: Mark Peters Saturday 27th, December 2008

Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus and the Digital Imaging Showcase Create Huge Digital Imaging Presence at the 2009 CES. The 2009 International CES will feature the top companies and latest new products in digital imaging, including a dedicated Digital Imaging Showcase and the Spotlight on Imaging event and conference session. Produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the 2009 International CES, the world's largest tradeshow for consumer technology, returns to Las Vegas, January 8-11, 2009.

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Engadget official partner of CES 2009

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Friday 26th, December 2008

AOL announced that the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) selected Engadget, as the Official Blog Partner of the 2009 International CES to be held January 8-11, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. As part of the Official Blog Partnership, Engadget will provide ongoing news coverage of the hottest products from more than 2,700 CES exhibitors at the 2009 International CES.

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CES 2008 award for Bluetooth headset

Posted by: Ralf Jurrien Thursday 3rd, January 2008

Genius is pleased to announce the that the CES 2008 Innovations Design and Engineering Award was awarded to the company’s BT-03I touch Bluetooth headset. This distinguished award was given to the Genius BT-03I because of the headset’s unique touch design and easy-to-use features that set this headset apart from others currently on the market. It was nominated in the “Headphones” category. The Genius BT-03I is designed to compliment Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and PDAs.

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The International CES 2018 features consumer technology exhibitors in 15 product categories. The International CES is produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the trade association promoting growth in the consumer technology industry. CEA represents more than 2,000 corporate members involved in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and integration of consumer electronics products. All profits from CES are reinvested into industry services, including technical training and education, industry promotion, engineering standards development, market research and legislative advocacy. The CES 2018 is the moment where new products and services will be introduced for the upcoming season.