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Mitsubishi HDTV

Dennis Hissink
CES report
Tuesday 12th, January 2010
Posted by: Dennis Hissink

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, the leader in large screen HDTVs, will introduce a line of Internet enabled HDTVs this year integrating VUDU Apps, a new platform for the delivery of Internet entertainment services. The lineup of VUDU Apps on Mitsubishi HD televisions will feature the VUDU Streaming Movie Service, the leading HD on-demand movie service available today, which is currently supported on select Mitsubishi Unisen Immersive Sound televisions. Mitsubishi’s 2010 line of Internet-enabled HDTVs will provide access to more than 100 software applications, ranging from news services to popular Internet sites, directly on its televisions via VUDU Apps.

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Mitsubishi HDTV

LG PK750 and LG PK950 HDTVs

Posted by: Ilse Jurrien Sunday 10th, January 2010

LG underscored its commitment to the plasma HDTV category with eight new models for 2010, led by the new LG Infinia series, which represents the best in LG’s design, technology and entertainment options. LG has completely redesigned its plasma line for 2010, resulting in plasma sets that are slimmer and lighter than ever before. Featuring new picture-enhancing technology and lightweight designs in a variety of screen sizes, four new plasma series - the Infinia PK950 and PK750, as well as the PK550 and PJ350- were introduced today at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

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Panasonic 3D TV

Posted by: Mark Peters Saturday 9th, January 2010

Panasonic, leader in High Definition consumer and digital electronics products, and RealD, the leader in 3D technology for cinema, home and professional applications, announce a technology tie-up that will enable consumers who purchase Panasonic’s Full HD 3D Viera TVs to enjoy a high quality Full HD 3D viewing experience powered with RealD’s Active Shutter Glass Technology and 3D content delivered utilizing the stereoscopic RealD Format. The companies will also work together to evaluate next generation technologies that enable an even higher quality user experience in 3D viewing.

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Panasonic 3D plasma

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Saturday 9th, January 2010

Panasonic has developed world's largest 152-inch 4K x 2K definition Full HD 3D plasma display. The display features a revolutionary new plasma display panel (PDP) Panasonic developed with its new super-efficient quadruple luminous efficiency technology. The technology enhances PDP’s unique advantages as self-illuminating device, contributing to delivering an overwhelming immersive experience to viewers. The Panasonic 152-inch Full HD 3D PDP creates a true Full HD 3D world by faithfully reproducing 3D content such as Hollywood 3D movie titles.

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New High Definition televisions, 3D projectors, 4K capture devices and other innovative video products are showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES, in Las Vegas. Major manufacturers will give an exclusive preview of their upcoming product line for this season and even for the second season for this year. Television sets become the central for today’s house hold. Consumers will have the possibility to enjoy their home made entertainment, 3D video content or 3D photography, Internet or their Social Media activities. Televisions sets, whether Plasma, Full LED or other technique create a unique experience for young and old. Attendees of this year’s CES 2012 show in Las Vegas will be the first experience the richness of the multimedia industry.