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Canon SX10 IS review

Posted by: Mark Peters Friday 26th, December 2008

The Canon PowerShot SX10 IS Megazoom camera is the successor to the Canon PowerShot S5 IS. When it comes to appearance, the Canon SX10 IS looks a lot like its predecessor, but if you thought its size would have decreased somewhat, youíre wrong; the camera has even slightly grown. However; you do get something in return. The 12x optical zoom lens has been replaced by a 20x version, which keeps Canon nicely in pace with its rivals. Thankfully, Canonís image stabilization system supports the zoom lens in order to be able to work with it. Moreover, the resolution has increased from 8 to 10 Megapixels. And although we did not list an increase on our priority list, the image sensor has been enlarged too. A nice bit of compensation.

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ATP GPS receiver test

Posted by: Mark Peters Thursday 18th, December 2008

The ATP GPS Photo Finder Mini has a compact size, as the name already reveals. The rectangular black lack design of the body feels like plastic and is extremely light when it comes to weight. The carbine clip makes it ever so easy to attach this GPS device to your trousers. And thanks to its light weight, 40 grams, you don't notice the GPS device dangling down there. Besides the GPS device itself, a multi-functional docking station is included in the package. And that is not all, also a battery charger with USB connection and users guides in both paper version and CD format are included.

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Panasonic L10 Review

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Saturday 5th, January 2008

The Panasonic L10 is clearly ranked below the L1 but does offer more pixels. No less than 10 Megapixels are found on the new Live MOS sensor. Of course the Panasonic L10 has been built according to the FourThirds System. A new lens has been introduced together with the camera, naturally equipped with Mega O.I.S. Like the L1, the Panasonic Lumix DMC L10 features a Leica kit lens with a zoom range of 14-50mm, equivalent of 28-100mm on a 35mm camera. The main difference is the light sensitivity.

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Olympus Stylus 790 SW review

Posted by: Mark Peters Wednesday 2nd, January 2008

The Olympus Stylus 790 SW digital compact camera has been available for a few months now, so high time to interrogate this new member of the Stylus family. The Olympus Stylus 790 is a camera belonging to the successful series of cameras Olympus once entered the film era with. The first analogue Stylus cameras were true gadgets; very compact and equipped with beautiful bright optics (Stylus II). It was quite logical to take the Stylus concept along to the digital era from the traditional one and here we are, a few generations later with the Olympus Stylus 790SW camera.

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Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset Test

Posted by: Mark Peters Tuesday 1st, January 2008

Sony Ericsson are busy producing various music accessories for mobile phones such as headsets and portable speakers that can pair with a cell phone through a Bluetooth connection. The Sony Ericsson HBH-DS220 is one of these new Bluetooth headsets that can pair with almost any cell phone providing it supports Bluetooth. The Sony Ericsson DS220 Bluetooth headset can be adjusted to every ear by means of the included extra earplugs. The price tag that comes with this headset is not one of the cheapest, 75 Euros and if it's worth its money will show from the following Sony Ericsson DS220 headset test.

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Canon EOS 40D Review

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Sunday 30th, December 2007

Let's be honest; the Canon EOS 40D is a D-SLR camera that is about the most complete a camera can be. It is a solid camera, with excellent auto focus, a silent shutter and mirror, a beautiful viewfinder and fine operation. On top of that Live View works perfectly, you can walk in the rain with the camera and it is an excellent tool with high quality functions. The image quality of the Canon EOS 40D leaves little or in fact nothing to wish for. High ISO pictures are still usable. You can shoot using ISO 800 or 1600 without a problem. There is some noise but not annoyingly visible, even less when you convert the pictures with Adobe. Using DPP, noise is visible which gives you a film-feeling from old-fashioned times.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 Review

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Sunday 30th, December 2007

The success of the new Megazoom cameras lead to a farther advancing of the concept and to equip a small housing with no less than 18x optical zoom. The resolution of 8 Megapixels suffices easily for printing small to large prints. Although the immense popularity of the Megazoom is enough proof that they have the right to exist next to the entry level digital SLR, the Megazoom encounters some problems to reach the same level as far as image quality is concerned. You can't get around the fact that concessions have to be made and that the noise that comes with high ISO settings due to the amount of pixels on the small images sensor is one of these negative results.

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Fujifilm FinePix S8000fd review

Posted by: Dennis Hissink Sunday 30th, December 2007

A number of camera manufacturers have dropped their Mega zoom camera models to make room for the entry level digital SLR cameras. On the one hand that is very understandable since the prices of both models are almost alike, but on the other hand; a Megazoom camera is an entirely different concept than a system camera such as the DSLR. Fujifilm however has not much of a choice in this because they donít have the entry level SLR camera in their assortment which leaves sufficient room to fill the gap to the S5 Pro DSLR with a Megazoom camera like the Fujifilm FinePix S8000fd.

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