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ATP GPS receiver test

Mark Peters
CES report
Thursday 18th, December 2008
Posted by: Mark Peters

The ATP GPS Photo Finder Mini has a compact size, as the name already reveals. The rectangular black lack design of the body feels like plastic and is extremely light when it comes to weight. The carbine clip makes it ever so easy to attach this GPS device to your trousers. And thanks to its light weight, 40 grams, you don't notice the GPS device dangling down there. Besides the GPS device itself, a multi-functional docking station is included in the package. And that is not all, also a battery charger with USB connection and users guides in both paper version and CD format are included.

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ATP GPS Photo Finder Mini

Today’s digital imaging industry and workflow is a mix of integrated devices and electronics. Shows like CES, PMA, IFA, Photokina and CP+ give the consumer and professional an idea what to expect for the upcoming seasons. At the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas, a wide range of new products are showcased to become available soon. Electronic products like tablets, digital cameras, camera systems, DSLRs, smartphones, lenses, notebooks and accessories, but also software and services remain the core of a digital workflow. In the DIWA labs we test the latest digital cameras and lenses and produce intensive technical test results. Consumers and professionals are able to compare the unbiased test results before investing into new equipment.